How Streaming Is Changing The Gaming Industry

The popularity of online streaming is on the rise, and it’s had a direct impact on the gaming industry.

This article by guest author and expert on the topic, Samuel Richardson, explores precisely what streaming entails. He also looks into what advantages it brings to your digital experience as a player and as a fan. 

What’s Streaming All About? 

Before we go further let’s clarify what streaming means, and also what it’s not. Simply put it’s a direct form of transmission to your mobile device or computer.

You don’t have to download any software or install an app. It’s a convenient solution to instant or on-demand play. Another benefit is that you don’t store anything on your end and as the receiver, no content sits on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

It would be best if you didn’t confuse it with a streaming broadcast, offered as a ‘free over the air’ service like a TV channel or radio station for a series, watching films or downloading music. 

One significant innovative extension to this is live game streaming. Fans and gamers now use technology to go beyond geographic areas to play online casino. They get remote access from anywhere to form digital communities across the globe.

This is where they watch their favourite players compete and perform. They use game streaming platforms like Twitch, Google Stadia or Shadow on some of the latest and top titles out there.

Inside the Video Game Streaming Industry

Statistics in the gaming industry insights lists that the tech industry contributed an estimated 10% of British GDP. It was then also flagged as an area of significant potential growth, particularly in the development of gaming tech and software.

In recent years the video game streaming industry has become a contender in its own right as a necessary participant in present-day playing culture. It now extends beyond the original purpose of a stand-alone game and creates an additional layer of entertainment for spectators and fans.

In a survey from June 2020, 8% of UK respondents indicated that they broadcast and not only view over game streaming platformslike Twitch and YouTube Gaming. This merges the live video experience, the thrill of playing, showcasing and watching, plus opens up possibilities to more exciting collaborations for any keen player in future.

Who’s Using Live Game Streaming?

There’s a variety of users when it comes to real-time game streaming on both the developer and player sides. Here are a few ways it’s making waves in the industry.

Gaming and software creators use it as a way to reveal new developments and make big announcements. This has increased more during the COVID-19 pandemic as the traditional way of one-on-one interaction at gaming events wasn’t possible.

It also opened up the option to preview or watch a game’s capabilities in action via a streamer before you commit to buy it. Famous or celebrity players are usually the first ones to try it out and draw big audiences to watch it live to get a feel for it. Avid gamers can make a good side hustle from it and even expand into selling branded gear or taking donations from the crowd for their skills.

It also led to the option to watch a streamer play online casino live games, taking you right into the action as a spectator. You get to see the dealer and keep an eye on all the players for an immersive gambling experience.

Our gaming guru Samuel Richardsonalso says that it’s now influencing the way entertainment is developed, with live streaming and an audience in mind. Some of the latest releases offer a preview or allow them to play and demo even before the official release.

This helps promote the game and offers an experience that can shape the final product and entice more people to try it out. Best of all, this happens in the online casino’s virtual lobby, so there’s no need to sign up or create an account.

Final Thoughts

Online streaming is expected to continue on a growth trajectory alongside tech enhancements in the industry. It’s already influencing the way gaming software developers to create new experiences and how it’s now ‘playable’ for a virtual audience.

It not only opened up gaming as a spectator option with added value in previews it also turned it into a revenue source for seasoned gamers and streamers. We can undoubtedly look forward to more online play, streaming and sharing in a global digital gaming community.


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