‘I discriminate against conservatives’ admits top Guardian writer

The influential left-wing writer Laurie Penny has admitted that, when she has the chance, she actively discriminates against conservatives.

Writing in The Guardian (where else?) Penny stated that ‘I discriminate against people who are rightwing and conservative. I’m entirely happy to say so’. She also wrote ‘Let me explain, then, why it’s all right to discriminate against conservatives’ before arguing that because conservatism is a belief system, rather than a fixed biological characteristic, discriminating against its adherents is legitimate.

Penny doesn’t offer a definition for ‘conservatives’, which presumably could include everything from Cameron/Osborne type liberals to right-wing traditionalists, but she does helpfully provide a caricature. She associates conservatism with the view that ‘people who die young of preventable diseases because they are unable to afford private healthcare have only themselves to blame for not working harder’ which is a point I’ve literally never heard a conservative make.

Left-wing writer and discrimination advocate Laurie Penny

Conservatives believe that having an economy largely based around the free market is the best means of producing wealth, and that this is in the interests of the vast majority of the population (seriously – can you point to a country where socialism has worked?) If Penny thinks people should be discriminated against for holding these beliefs then I’d say it’s fair to describe her as a bigot.

Penny’s comments represent a sad strain of thinking on the hard-left, which prefers to shut down its opponents and drive them out of the public arena rather than debate them. They make Senator Joseph McCarthy look like a model of tolerance.


  1. Conservatism is simply an opinion. It’s a specious opinion that doesn’t stand up to analysis. Your final paragraph is a case in point: no one in the Labour Party is advocating a Socialist economy. Labour are committed to a mixed market economy that all Western countries have adopted, to varying degrees.

    “Free market” deregulated financial capitalism has been an abject failure; its left the global economy with over $200 trillion of debt.

  2. Poor people die of preventable diseases because nobody who knew them or knew of them cared enough to spend their own money or make their own efforts to do anything to help. Many developed countries have private health care and universal access with longer life expectancy and better outcomes for many diseases than the UK. On top of that, the belief of so many in the UK that the care of their elderly relatives isn’t up to them, but up to the state is a disgrace. Other cultures regard care of the elderly to be a core family responsibility, but the welfare state of entitlement has replaced this, with people believing “someone” ought to pay, but not those who love and care about their relatives (they claim).

    Laurie Penny and many on the hard left have an Orwellian vision of “caring”, which is simply seen in them talking so much about the poor, but actually doing nothing themselves other than demand an all-powerful state to take money from the people they hate, to feed a state, to hire other people to dish out the “caring”. Their care and compassion doesn’t extend to those with a different opinion, and is an adolescent belief that if you’re not a hardened socialist, you’re a parasitical psychopath who supports children going up chimneys, pensioners starving in the street and laughing at people’s misfortune.

    Whereas it is clear that many socialists are the psychopaths who ache to express hatred and impose violence on others.

    • In 2017 the UK was regarded as having the World’s number one healthcare system, by the Commonwealth Fund (despite suffering seven years of under funding). The Commonwealth Fund also awarded the top spot to the UK in 2014. The UK health system isn’t perfect, by a long chalk, it fails in “outcomes”; but, this is outside the remit of the National Health Service (NHS). Responsibility for outcomes lies with local government, not the NHS.

      Laurie Penny has a right to an opinion, and she also has a right to disagree with people with opposing opinions. She does not advocate ending free speech.

      The state does not “take money”; it levies taxes by consent. If you oppose the level of taxation you are at liberty to vote for a political party committed to lowing taxes, or, you can start your own political party with your own tax commitments. If you can get enough support you can change government taxation policy. Alternatively, if you are a “rugged individualist” and find taxation morally intolerable you are at liberty to leave the country to reside where there’s no taxation at all: buy a boat.

  3. Bellend. Her points are clear and obvious to those of us with something close to a soul and a beating heart. Privatisation of health care, social care and public services is how poor people end up dying of preventable diseases. And as for your beloved parties attacks on the disabled and unemployed these should leave us all horrified, saddened and ashamed. The “sad stain” on Britain is your benighted party. Laurie Penny is spot on imo.

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