I Support the Anglosphere and You Should Too.

The Case for Free Movement in the Anglosphere is growing stronger.

A few weeks ago, a petition appeared on Change.org calling for the British, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand parliaments to debate the posibility of free movement. As someone who has been a long supporter of strengthening our ties with the Anglosphere nations I naturally jumped on board straight away and signed the petition.

Of course I am aware that I am probably in the minority of people calling for this, but having seen the astonishing response to the petition I can tell that that minority is growing. More and more people in the UK, and the rest of the Anglosphere, are starting to realise that cooperation between the English speaking world is a worthy cause to follow. And I believe it is a cause that more people should get behind.

So why do I believe this? Well firstly it has to do with common purpose. By and large the Anglosphere countries seem to pursue a common goal. When it comes to national security we already stand shoulder to shoulder, be it against the Soviet Union during the Cold War or ISIS today. This has led to the development of the Five Eyes. The intelligence sharing program between the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This coalition has made our countries safer by pooling intelligence gathering resources and has made ‘National security’ more efficient. It has also allowed for better coordination in defence strategies. Both the US and Canada have recently taken on a leading role in the bombing campaigns against ISIS in Iraq and Syria over the last few months with the help of intelligence provided by the Five Eyes.

Cooperation with foreign policy doesn’t just end with defence and intelligence. In 2012, then Foreign Secretary, William Hague announced that both Canada and Britain would share diplomatic missions and embassies in several countries around the world. Anglosphere countries also already share a common passport system as well.

Anglosphere Leaders
Room for One more… Tony Abbott (Aus), Stephen Harper (Can) and John Key (NZ) (from left to right)

Of course this common purpose goes further than just security and foreign policy. The countries of the Anglosphere also share a common legal system. We all operate under a common law system that guarantees certain inalienable principles. The right to a fair trial, the right to be tried by a jury of your peers, the presumption of innocence till proven guilty and governance under the rule of law. We also all share a common governmental system in the form of Parliamentary Democracy. It’s also worth pointing out that in 1941, when democracy was being replaced by dictatorship across the globe, 5 of the 11 remaining democracies were Anglosphere countries, and it was those countries that would go on to fight for Democracy in Europe and across the globe.

Another reason why I support cooperation within the Anglosphere is the fact that as well as political similarities there are similarities in terms of values as well. Citizenship of an Anglosphere country is not based on ethnicity, religion or race. Citizenship in the Anglosphere is based on a sense of civil identity. It’s worth noting that these are the countries that were built on immigration and free movement, and that these are the nations that attracted people to them with the promise of being lands of opportunity, where people could arrive with nothing and achieve anything. With closer cooperation between the nations of the Anglosphere, they could again stand as beacons of promise in the world again.

Economics is also a key factor in why I believe in the growth of the Anglosphere. Canada, Australia and New Zealand were all pretty much untouched by the Great Recession of 2008. Anglosphere countries are also some of the best performing economies in the world. They are also some of the most versatile. Technology, banking, industry, natural resources and services are all important to Anglosphere economies and with free movement of people will inevitably come the free movement of goods and services. This would create one of the largest Free Trade Zones in the world.

These reasons should be enough to entice people towards supporting the Anglosphere. Certainly I would hope that at least people will give it another look and maybe one day we may finally see further cooperation.

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  1. I generally approve of free movement of people from one country to another. There are a few inconsistencies in this argument though. First the Anglosphere is a bit of a misnomer. As described, it includes about 7 million French speakers in Canada. Are they to be included? Second, it also excludes a wide swathe of English speaking countries with strong historical ties to the UK: the Caribbean countries and Singapore. I can understand an argument that countries should be at a similar level of economic development for free movement of people, so perhaps we can exclude African countries and the less developed countries of the Caribbean. But Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados are firmly middle-income, the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas, and Singapore are wealthier per capita than the UK. Or is there some other reason for excluding countries where the majority population is not of Anglo-Saxon descent? Ireland is also not mentioned, but of course we already have freedom of movement between the UK and Ireland, courtesy of some recent historical ties and the European Union. Widen the net a little and you could be onto something.

    • English diaspora of countries I think what he means. Quebec is Civic Law except Criminal court so it dos not share Anglo ethos widely even though they were formed by the British. But they can vote on if they would want to join everyone has a choice i would even suggest to include USA making it a Anglo-spheric union other than a Commonwealth one. Ireland is Anglo country though historical ties either it be good or bad regardless so yes it’s time to leave the EU and create this Union that could boost the economy for all mentioned countries. Due to the fact when you eliminate tariffs in trade between country a huge boom occurs.


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