In defense of zero hour contracts

What possesses a man to put aside his own beliefs for a time, after dedicating a life to see a possibility that their dreams may come true? This is a question that could easily be asked of a certain John McDonnell, a self-proclaimed Marxist who has as of late denied his true, and original, reason for joining the political system.  It takes only three chapters of reading Hayek’s The Road To Serfdom to find an answer to this question, the radicals of the Labour Party are playing the long game, hiding behind a wave of popularity for Jeremy Corbyn in order to later place themselves in further influence.

And so what do the true Marxists of the Labour Party desire? In a nutshell you can find an answer to this quite quickly in the Communist Manifesto, the “Abolition of Private Property Rights.” And the leaders of the Labour movement use other policies to hide this dream well, there is no coincidence that Labour are so opposed to the right to buy scheme, having recently repealed it in Wales, yet they hide behind populism once again by claiming that the sale of social housing will raise prices, history proves the opposite. Those who struggle to enter the housing market currently need to look no further than the recent history of the last seven Prime Ministers, in which Labour governments, despite being in power 11 fewer years, managed to raise real house prices by £113,000 as opposed to the Conservatives’ £16,000.

This could seem at first to appear almost like the ramblings of a conspiracy theorist, yet evidence is abundant to see the radicals of Labour are biding their time, you need only look to recent proposals to reform and lower the leadership threshold for the party, where in a few months time members will get to vote on a candidate only requiring 5% of Labour MPs support to stand in a contest, as opposed to the current 15% allowing for left-wing radicals to more easily stand as the successor to Jeremy Corbyn, when time comes.

Jeremy Corbyn MP speaking in front of a flag of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) 

Another example of furthering their agenda lies in the opposition to zero hour contracts, at first Labour hide behind the idea that those on the contracts are abused by their ‘masters’, forced into a position where they are heavily uncertain of hours and are left to rot when companies no longer require their services, this is an easy story to fall into believing, yet where is the evidence for this? More than ever workers are taking on zero hour contracts, despite companies becoming far less willing to offer them due to this public witch-hunt, whilst job satisfaction for zero hour contracts is far above that of a fixed contract. Surely if zero hour contracts where such an evil deed, then workers would be up in arms demanding for this to end, but no, in fact those on zero hour contracts seem relatively silent, drowned out by the voices of those who have never worked a day outside of politics such as Corbyn, even in my own part-time job stacking shelves far more left leaning people than I turn to silence when asked if they believe in abolishing the zero hour contracts we work on.

I’m sure now you may be wondering what possible agenda could hide behind banning these contracts, what do the far left possibly have to gain? There is one key body that explains this too, the Unions, which notably give vast funds to the Labour party. Unions are noted for having few members who work on a zero hour contract, or none at all. Have you ever heard of the notorious shelf stacker union, famed for shutting down the local Asda? You may have not, yet unions such as Unite and Usdaw are making strives to recruit members from these workforces knowing they soon could gain vast levels of power if zero hour contracts are abolished and soon that joke may become a genuine future, and a risk.

Make no mistake, such reforms and an increasing normalization for radicals to appear on the frontbench, such as McDonnell, is no coincidence. Labour’s Marxists are playing the long game in order to strengthen their hand, and this agenda lies in plain sight.


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