INTERVIEW: Tim Aker MEP on why he’s not running to be UKIP leader

UKIP MEP Tim Aker has confirmed that he definitely won’t be running to be the next permanent leader of UKIP, despite betting website ‘BetFair’ saying that “He is one of the most plausible candidates among the front-runners. Aker is just 32 years old and apparently controversy-free so far – definitely a positive!”

Speaking to Ted Jeffrey, The Backbencher writer and founder of the Politicos YouTube channel, Aker said “no, under no circumstances” when asked if he’d be running before adding “the Party is in a state where you’ve got to be mad” to do so. He also defended former UKIP leader Paul Nuttall saying “I think Paul could have been a great leader”.

The full interview, which covers UKIP, Brexit and Thurrock politics, can be watched below:


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