Iran’s Revolutionary Guard In Syria

The Guardians of Iran’s Revolution are deeply involved in the Syrian Civil War and are stepping up their efforts.

The ZF’s (Zionist Federation) campaign on the Iranian Revolutionary Guards has shown definitive proof of the Iranian Regime’s support for terrorism worldwide. A key part of the Iran’s apparatus supporting global terrorism is the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRG) who are a key part of the Ayatollah’s regime tasked with defending the revolution at home often by brutal means. Its second task is spreading the Islamic revolution abroad, in this case through financing and carrying out terror attacks, training and supporting terrorist movements like Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad. To understand the nature of the IRG one needs to look at its actions in Syria.

Iran’s regime is so embedded in Syria through the IRG, as it is staunch supporter of the Assad regime, who for many years they have provided with military, financial and political support. On top of this in conjunction with Hezbollah, who the IRG created in the early 1980s, there are thousands of Iranian fighters in Syria. Counter-terrorism commentator Dr Jonathan Spyer gets to the nub of the IRG’s involvement on behalf of Iran’s regime in Syria saying “the presence on the ground of Revolutionary Guard advisers who are expert in guerrilla warfare and have helped to organise, train and direct the militias that provide an essential prop for the beleaguered Syrian dictator and his regime”. Those in charge of this plan, which is reeking havoc in Syria and helped Assad kill thousands of his own civilians is the Quds Force, the external wing of the IRG. Iran has been there holding Assad’s hands during his worst abuses against his own people and it was reported in September 2012 that Iranian officers were present when Assad was conducting experiments using poison gas bombs. In essence the IRG is managing the conflict in favour of the Syrian dictatorship.

Furthermore, it is using the civil war that has come from this in Syria as an excuse to attack Israel and its supporters in the West including the UK and many other European nations. One of the major reasons for this is due to how close Syria is to Israel, meaning that the IRG cans use Syria as a means to attack Israel through transferring weapons to Syria. The ultimate aim many posit is to turn Syria into a terrorist haven to attack Israel and its allies. Clearly this shows no respect for national sovereignty and if allowed to happen would present a significant global terrorism threat.

Additionally, Syria is a crucial conduit for the IRG’s network of terrorist military supplies and training, which help numerous terrorist entities worldwide. They also believe through this should the Assad regime fall, Iran’s interests in Syria are protected.

Considering that the EU and UK Government have condemned Assad’s numerous human rights abuses including credible reports that he has used chemical weapons against his own people, the UK and EU cannot allow the IRG’s support for Assad to go unhindered. To do so would allow Assad the continued means to kill his own people, as well as continue the process that has allowed Syria to become a terrorist paradise.

There is a way that the UK Government and EU can stop this nightmare scenario from developing. By proscribing the IRG as a terrorist organisation across the EU and UK, the financial operations of the IRG, its key leaders, as well as the numerous terrorist groups it supports would see their funding key to their operational culpabilities choked off. This would show that the EU and UK’s words on standing up to terror are not hollow. We must not allow Syria to become a playground for Iran, as to do so would increase the chances of terrorism spreading to the streets of Europe including the UK.


Further information about the ZF’s campaign on the IRG can be found in this overall campaign brief here and information on one of the key themes looking at the IRG’s role in Syria can be seen here . If you want to take part in the ZF’s campaign calling on the IRG to be listed as a terrorist group by the UK and EU you can sign the petition here and like the facebook page here.

Stephen Hoffman


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