Is it possible to maintain mental clarity in the digital age?

    Phones unarguably revolutionised our world. In the modern era, they are often taken for granted and considered a necessity for many. No one would ever suppose that such a seemingly convenient solution might turn into an infernal device stealing our time and mental capacity. Yet, the reality is that daily social media consumption might be visibly damaging for our attention span and the ability to focus deeply. 

    If you also want to become a little more intentional with your phone usage and take measures to restore your mental clarity, here are some steps to begin with: 

    Dopamine fast 

    This very radical and controversial method is worth starting with, as it is believed to literally reset your life. When we go on our phones, it is often a result of either boredom or unintentional seeking for a dopamine spike. The latter is a happiness hormone found in our blood system that we are highly dependent on. Those little sparks of pleasure might dictate our behaviour and undermine the rational side of our brains. To tackle this issue, some decide to do a dopamine fast, which is taking an entire day off from any dopamine triggers including the internet, social interactions, food and all kinds of external stimuli. Instead, a person’s focus is directed internally in order to regain focus and clarity. 

    Social media detox 

    However, if cutting off from everything and everyone for an entire day seems unattractive or unattainable for you, another highly effective resetting tool might be simply a social media detox. Putting your phone away for a while might reveal how many times a day you mindlessly reach for it. This exercise makes you aware of your internet consumption patterns and allows you to consciously scroll through our social media feeds. The proactive approach is definitely going to become a solid barrier against the detrimental effect of technology on your attention span by improving your overall alertness. 


    If you are looking for rather daily practises than life resets, you could be rather interested in this strategy. Journaling is a powerful tool that can adopt multiple approaches. One of them is writing morning pages. Allowing yourself for a brain dump of your thoughts and feelings before exposing them to the newsfeed might be a powerful weapon in the digital era. Because you allow yourself to finally filter your raw, intact morning thoughts, you can suddenly become more creative and inventive. Your brain as any other muscle needs to be exercised in order to develop properly and not to diminish. Additionally, looking inwards promotes the ability to focus deeply and enter the ever-needed state of flow. 


    Meditating is becoming more and more mainstream nowadays due to its incredible benefits such as reduced stress and anxiety as well as increased focus and alertness. The relaxation of your brain during this activity was also proven to extend your attention span, which makes it an excellent way of reversing any mental blocks that might have already occurred. Who would have thought that not thinking about anything and focusing on the breath for a few minutes might be so powerful? 


    Yet, many people find meditation extremely challenging and struggle to keep up with the habit long-term, due to its intangible nature. On the contrary, something tangible and bringing similar effects is the use of CBD oil. This product has been demonised due to its unfavourable connotations with the well-known drug, although the myth is slowly getting debunked. CBD does not get you high, instead, it helps you to unleash your full mental potential. It calms your mind and enables you to concentrate deeper, further enhancing mental capabilities. It is considered to make a noticeable difference on its own, but to maximise CBD’s potential it is worth using it as a complement to any of the above strategies.  

    Digital minimalism 

    The last weapon of choice in the battle for mental clarity might be simply not leading to overstimulation of our brain. Focusing on those essential applications, people or pages that bring true value to our lives might be an excellent idea. Devoting more time to the things that matter creates less chaos in our minds and prevents the “brain fog” from taking over. And most importantly, filling our lives with digital essentials only, creates more time to spare in the “real world” with the “real people”, what is probably much more satisfying.  

    Despite living in the digital age, we still possess the tools to fight off the negative consequences of online lifestyle and draw mainly from the benefits of modern technology. Implementation of even a single aforementioned method will definitely lead to increased mental clarity and improved focus.   



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