It’s time to start calling Momentum activists what they are: Fascists

Standing at the back of the room, dressed in mostly black along with balaclavas and hoodies hiding their identities sounds like the start of an ISIS execution video – not the mob turning out to a Jacob Rees-Mogg lecture in Bristol.

“You’re a fascist, Mogg” was bellowed out repeatedly, “no platform for racists!” The group banded together by the lecture theatre’s entrance and interrupted any attempt to engage with them. “You’re not worth debating, mate” said the most vocal of the group as the Tory MP tried to reason and calmly encourage the angry protesters to leave.

The fascist’s shoe is on the other foot.

The arrogance of the Momentum movement, of which we now know that these protestors were a part of, is staggering. They were not there to debate, they broke in to shut down freedom of speech and stop the sharing of ideas. Buzzwords like racist, homophobe and fascist are thrown around by Momentum so often that most people could be loosely tagged by the machine gun fire of left wing insults. It is their method of shutting down debate because they don’t want to engage and have civilised discussion where they could be challenged on their views. Because it is far easier to tag someone as a racist than it is to be correct.

Vote Brexit? You’re a racist in their eyes. Vote Tory? You’re a fascist or a homophobe? And if you are a Tory MP who voted for Brexit then you are the unholy trinity itself.

Josh Connor, the man at the centre of the majority of the video, is a follower of Bristol Momentum and Labour affiliates and many more on social media. His career, it would appear is now in question after his personal life was unravelled on the internet. Actions have consequences in this capitalist world.

In the instances where protestors feel the need to cover their faces there is something wrong. Peaceful protest is a part of democracy, but breaking in and being hostile is not. By behaving the way that these Momentum activists have, by shouting over people repeatedly and labelling their opponents they are absolutely trying to shut down freedom of speech and alternative views. It is a fascistic style of politics. They are stomping down with their iron boots and pretending that it is in society’s best interest.

Well it isn’t. Society is best served by the sharing of ideas and criticism flowing freely rather than the “goodwill ideas” from groups such as Momentum.

We need to challenge these people to see themselves as what they are: Antidemocratic fascists.

Here are some handy tips to help you rediscover yourself and if you notice you are wildly labelling someone a racist or a fascist please come back here to understand why:


The handy guide to stop fascist tendencies:*

Stand up in a lecture theatre and block freedom of speech? You’re a fascist.

Justify violence or support violence against your political opponents because they are different? You’re a fascist

Label someone a racist for voting Brexit: You’re a moron.

Support the Never Kissed a Tory movement? You’re an overweight moron.

If you don’t believe some people are “worth debating” or other ideas are worth listening to: You are a moron and you could be a fascist.

If you believe that socialism has never been tried properly before: You are a moron



*interesting additions will be added


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