Labour 2015 Candidate starts Twitter war

Louise Baldock, a 2015 Parliamentary candidate for Labour, was last night found heavily involved in a heavy conflict of words on Twitter. It would appear that there is an apparent lack of “comradery” for Ms. Baldock, although I can’t offer much comment on the reasons why…

What I am sure of is that Labour HQ will not be happy to see these tweets circulating once again.

louise baldock labour



  1. The reality is that Louise is on the doorsteps and being pro-active. She is experienced, clear and passionate. Trust me, I hated my previous Labour MP, but voted Labour to try and get a Lab Government, regardless of him. Now we have Alex Cunningham in Stockton North who has been very much involved in local and national issues, incl smoking in cars (whether it’s enforceable or not, it’s wrong) and with Louise hopefully in Stockton South, voters will have a very visible, hard working Member of Parliament.

  2. Actually John Smith, I am nobody’s latest manifestation. I could pick a better person than this Labour party buffoon!

  3. Ha ha, This is the best Labour can provide at the next election. Vote UKIP before the country is swamped with more loonies.

  4. “today I have been in Liverpool supporting some of the poorest people in the country”

    wow, these people really think they’re something..

  5. This woman is a fool she bangs on under different aliases in the NE local papers, like the Northern Echo, Tolpuddle is her latest manifestation
    Mad as a Hatter

  6. You’ve redacted a Twitter user’s name in the conversation but then allowed it through when they have been replied to/re-tweeted… somewhat defeating the point of originally redacting their name…


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