Labour council candidate called for destruction of Israel

Posts have emerged showing that Ali Milani, a Labour Council candidate in Hillingdon and an NUS Vice-President, has previously claimed Israel doesn’t have a right to exist and said he’d like to see the country destroyed. In a series of Tweets made in 2013 he stated that “Israel has no right to exist” and “I want to be the President of Israel. They have a self destruct button right?”. He also Tweeted “So lecturer asks the class today, ‘nobody in this room would ever want to go to war right?’ My hand rises. ‘Who?’ Me: ‘Israel'”.

Ali has also been accused of anti-Semitism after a 2012 Tweet was unearthed in which he said “Nah you won’t mate. It’ll cost u a pound #jew”.

So a Labour Council candidate who has previously posted a blatantly anti-Semitic Tweet has also called for the destruction of the world’s only Jewish state, and the Labour Party has done nothing. Is this Corbyn’s new “zero tolerance” policy in action?



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