Labour Councillor: Dementia Tax Was ‘Great Fun’

A Labour councillor has said that the Conservatives’ dementia tax in the 2017 general election was ‘great fun to poke holes in’.

Sean Woodcock, Labour leader on Cherwell District Council, made the comment on a councillors Zoom call with Liz Kendall MP, a Labour shadow minister.

Woodock stated that people expect to ‘inherit their parents’ house in full’ and that they cannot simply ‘palm their parents off on the state’. Perhaps Woodcock should consider defecting to the Conservative party after all.

Woodcock’s personal Facebook profile features posts such as ‘We won the argument’ following the 2019 general election, labelling a fellow Labour politician a ‘Jew-baiter’ as well as praising far-left organisation Extinction Rebellion.

Woodcock was Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Banbury in the 2015 and 2017 general elections, both of which saw the Conservatives increase their majority in the seat.

Labour politicians have been making good use of lockdown technology, such as Liam Byrne MP on Zoom who said that the party must be ‘radical’ in the next election, which you can view here.


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