Labour NEC member likes Tweet alleging “Jewish conspiracy”

Darren Williams, a pro-Corbyn member of the Labour Party’s governing National Executive Committee, has liked a Tweet alleging the existence of “conspiracies by Jews”.

The post was (ironically) in response to an accusation by Twitter account #LabourAntiSemitism (@GnasherJew), which specialises in exposing anti-Semitism within the Labour Party (see below), that Williams has been using his NEC position to protect a former Labour local election candidate accused of anti-Semitism. The candidate in question is Mike Sivier, a pro-Corbyn left-wing activist who was a Labour Party candidate for Powys County Council.

Mike Sivier is an interesting fellow, who has a long history of defending and/or endorsing anti-Semitic statements and individuals (including Gilad Atzmon) – this piece on him by The Campaign Against Antisemitism is worth reading in full. To give one example in a January 2017 blog post Sivier suggests the existence of a Zionist conspiracy which exists to undermine the pro-Corbyn faction of the Labour Party claiming “It’s like a game of aggressive-Zionist join-the-dots now; Shai Masot leads to Labour Friends of Israel, and from there on to the Jewish Labour Movement and who knows where”.

Ominously in the same piece Sivier suggests that “Anybody who has been involved in the anti-Semitism witch-hunt within the Labour Party last summer needs to be pulled in and checked out. That includes Paul Staines of the Guido Fawkes blog. It includes John Mann, who accused Ken Livingstone. Jonathan Arkush, President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, who gave evidence to the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee when it was accusing Mr Corbyn”.

It will be interesting to see how figures within the Labour Party, supposedly a proud anti-racist organisation, respond to this revelation and whether Williams retains his position on the Party’s NEC.


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