Labour Shadow Minister: party must be ‘radical’

Labour’s Shadow Minister for Digital and former Cabinet Office Minister has said that the party must have a ‘radical’ plan in the next election, and that voters are prepared to go on a ‘radical journey’.

Liam Byrne MP made the comments on a Co-operative party Zoom meeting discussing regional development, but also admitted that Labour ‘promised too much’ in the last election and that voters did not realise how they would ‘pay for things’.

Labour lost sixty seats under radical Marxist Jeremy Corbyn in 2019 after pledging to abolish private schools, set a four-day working week and nationalise broadband.

Byrne, who is famous for writing the ‘I’m afraid there is no money’ note upon leaving his job as Chief Secretary to the Treasury, is Labour’s candidate for the 2021 West Midlands mayoral election.

During his selection campaign, Byrne called for the West Midlands to be a ‘region of sanctuary’ for refugees and was subsequently endorsed by former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell.

Labour politicians have been making good use of lockdown technology, such as Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy MP on a podcast stating that Caroline Lucas is ‘not an opponent’, which you can view here.



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