Lauren In London: Have a Hangover-less Halloween

It’s nearly Halloween again and if you feel like celebrating this minor holiday without the slutty outfits and crazy shots this year then I may have found just the thing for you.

Let’s face it, we don’t get time off work for Halloween so hangovers have to be carefully calculated, we inevitable groan when we see on Facebook that the costume we thought looked scary/sexy actually looks lame/slutty, and for those of us with young ones Halloween brings on panic attacks over our sweet supplies.

So, if you feel like doing something a little bit childish (whether you have kids or not) that won’t leave you with a splitting head in the morning then check out Fortnum & Mason’s pumpkin carving competition on the 31st. There are two competitions; one for the kids and one for the adults, and by adults we mean 11+.

If you want to have a family day out then the children’s event is free and runs from 3 pm to 5 pm with judging at 4 pm. They’ll be lots of treats on offer, a decorating table for the pumpkins and a prize for the best fancy dress as well. Plus, the winner gets a Crate of Splendid Sweets so you can have fun rationing them out, and you can also be in charge of booking dentist appointments for the rest of the year.

The adult’s event kicks off at 6 pm with judging at 7 pm and there will be plenty of treats for you older ones as well. And what does the winner get? An exclusive Fortnum’s Experience package. So it’s time to gather all your flat/uni mates and show them how it’s done with extravagant and ridiculous pumpkin carving.

And the best bit is that you can still hit the pub afterwards and be in tucked up in bed with all your well-earned treats at a reasonable time without any fear of hangover Halloween shame in the morning.

Fortnum & Mason’s Pumpkin Carving Competition is on the 31st October. Click here for more details. 




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