Lauren In London: It’s Time To Start Stalking The Local Music Scene

There are very few cities in the world with a better music scene than London. With gigs on every night of the week, big and small artists calling it home, and venues supporting every kind of genre imaginable, you really are spoilt for choice. But unless you have unlimited funds it can be hard to keep up to date with all the talent. Don’t despair because there is a way you can get your London music fix without spending a penny.

Social media is a stalkers paradise, especially when it comes to bands. At the click of a button you can find out what they’re up to, when their next gig is and become a ‘devote fan’ with very little effort. And why do you ask..? To worm your way into free gigs of course! Lots of bands and artists that are just starting out rely heavily on their core fans, especially in a city as big as London where there’s a large number of struggling musicians. This gives you the chance to get in there before they become famous and start charging Rolling Stones-type prices for gigs.

This is exactly what I found myself doing last week after discovering new talent Tom Odell. I stumbled across the piano-playing genius at just the right time as he’s just been signed to Lily Allen’s label and due to become a big-big star very soon. But before his inevitable stardom comes ‘a knocking’ he decided to throw a FREE thank you gig for all his fans, which as of a couple of weeks ago included me. So I did what any normal person would do and applied for tickets on ‘’ every day and badgered his Twitter account until I was sure my name was on that gig list at least four times…

Come the night of the gig and I was in a pub in Old Street along with about 50 other people eagerly anticipating the appearance of one of music soon-to-be big names. After an amazing performance and a couple of free drinks (courtesy of Tom’s new label) all the fans hung around to chat to each other and meet Tom before catching the last tube home. I had an incredible night out in London, got to see an awesome gig and met music’s next big thing (I’m not even joking, he’s brilliant!) without spending a single penny.

It just goes to show that although living in London can be expensive there are ways of getting around it. There are so many unknown but brilliant artists performing in the city right now and all you have to do is find them. Thanks to YouTube you don’t even have to take the risk of seeing someone who could turn out to be awful, and if you’re a true music fan you won’t care who you’re getting to see as long as their music is decent.

So, to recap, this week’s lesson is to embrace your inner stalker and suss out up and coming music stars playing in London. Get yourself online now and find out who’s playing tonight, you never know… Happy stalking!



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