Lauren In London: Take A Tour With A Twist

If you think you’ve seen all there is to see of London then think again because Occupy London are about to open your eyes.

A tour with a twist: the Occupy London Tours are the perfect way to experience the capital through new eyes, especially if you have an interest in the movement. But if you don’t, there’s no need to worry because their aim is not to convert you to their cause but to encourage open discussion. ‘We want to start conversations about finance in the places where it happens – the places that, as London residents, we can see from our windows and walk past every day,’ says the website.

The tours are free and run come rain or shine, whether two people or 200 people turn up. The three tours they offer cover Canary Warf, the place where Prince Charles said: ‘I personally would go mad if I had to work in a place like that’, Mayfair (the most expensive spot on the Monopoly board) and the City of London, where the they’ll attempt to ‘show you the whole history of financial capitalism, from the Middle Ages to the present, in two hours.’

Too tall an order to meet? Maybe, but that won’t stop me checking it out. With the various ‘traditional’ London attractions and tours becoming repetitive and boring this is a more exciting way to see the city within the recent context of the financial crisis. Some might say it would be a depressing way to spend an afternoon but given how the Occupy movement has spread in the last year or so, it’s definitely worth exploring.

The tour guides are neither professional economists, nor in fact, professional tour guides, but they’re not ones for skimping on research and you’re always welcome to join in with facts of your own. On the other had, you really don’t have to know a lot about politics to enjoy yourself and the tour guides try and steer clear of lecturing, because they prefer to keep things light.

So, go ahead and accept Occupy London’s invitation to  ‘show you the murky side of the capital’s more recent past.’ You might be surprised how much you enjoy yourself.

The next Occupy London Tour is to Mayfair on 24th November. Click here for more information.




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