Lauren In London: Winter Magic At Somerset House

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for a long time. A whole year in fact, because this is the weekend that Somerset House opens its ice rink for the Christmas period. Now I’ll admit that when it comes to Xmas related activities I can get a bit overly giddy but skating at Somerset House last year really made my first Christmas in London. The building was all lit up, there was a huge twinkling Christmas tree and in the centre of the courtyard the skating rink awaited.

Once we’d checked our bags my friends and I sipped mulled wine while we waited for our turn on the rink and watched the other skaters enjoying themselves. There were young children using penguin stands, couples being suitable gooey, and groups of friends messing around but you don’t need to worry about the rink being overcrowded. The scheduled slots you book mean that there’s plenty of room to skate as much as you like without fear of constantly bashing into people.

As we took to the ice we all experienced the usual fear that we’d suddenly forgotten how to balance and were going to crack our heads open, but it soon disappeared once we got going. We spent our hour keeping pace to the music coming from the rink’s speakers, and only very occasionally collided into the barriers, but if you want a little bit extra from your evening of skating then go for one of the late evening club sessions and bogey on the ice to a great line up of DJs.

Sure there are plenty of places to go ice skating in London over Christmas but Somerset House really is one of the best, and for me it’s the only place. In fact, I’m going to make sure I’m there this weekend… and maybe next weekend… ok fine, I’ll be there most weekends!

The ice skating rink at Somerset House will be open from the 16th November to the 6th January and prices range from £7.50 to £15. Click here for more information.


  1. Lauren, I love your London posts :)! It’s mad because I started a ‘London Adventures’ series on my blog a few months ago, then I found your articles that follow a similar theme here ! It’s so interesting to follow it against my own experiences , keep up the good work 😉 xxx

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