Left-wing ‘support groups’ in Scottish Parliament bill taxpayer over £50,000!

The SNP, Liberal Democrats and Labour billed the taxpayer £50,540.99 for ‘support groups’ in the Scottish Parliament in the 2018-19 fiscal year.

Over half of this bill was made up by Labour, who charged £33,917.90 for their support group.

This included £18,000 paid to Press Data, a media monitoring business, as well as £9,058.80 to NLA Media Access who sell the rights to news stories to journalists in the UK.

Labour also billed the taxpayer £6,800 for ‘strategy consultancy services’, paid to an unknown Simon Fletcher.

The SNP follow closely behind, claiming a total of £16,269.74 in expenses for their support group.

£5,164.08 of this was billed to the taxpayer for yet another media service run by the Press Association, as well as a whopping £5,681.50 for newspapers and £900 for a top of the range iPhone XR.

Finally, we have the Liberal Democrats’ support group which claimed £353.35, a third of which on a single claim for ‘overnight expenses’ and the rest purely on mobile phone bills.

Quite what these these ‘support groups’ achieve we do not know, but to see what happened to English drivers when they approached the Scottish border, click here.


  1. […] We then had Ian Blackford, leader of the SNP, in Westminster via video link in his usual bluster and bravado pushing the issue of Scottish independence. Whilst I and many of my libertarian colleagues believe that devolution is the way forward with power being devolved to the regions with tax raising powers to open up competition between them, as recently discussed in a webinar hosted by the Adam Smith Institute, we believe that Scotland has the right to choose its own path. However, myself and others also believe that it is a fool’s errand to to follow the path of the SNP, back into the arms of the EU (especially when they cannot manage their own party’s finances)! […]


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