Old Holborn: Let Capitalism fight Jihad


You’ll read lots of comment regarding the current upheavals going on in what I prefer to term as “2nd World Islamic” nations. These are not the nations that are still ruled by tribalists claiming direct ascendancy from the third cousin of the prophet but those who have been dipping their toes into democracy or dabbling with western values for the last 50 years. Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon and North African states, all having thrown off Islamism for either direct military rule, dictatorships or in some cases, democracy.

The people are speaking to each other
The people are speaking to each other

How did they make the jump? Well, certainly colonialism played a fair part. Even after you’ve chucked out your oppressors, it’s very hard to stop doing with them or buying spare parts for the aircraft and motor cars they left behind. Post colonial Arabia whilst happy to return to beheadings has very much decided that a Mercedes is better than any camel and mobile phones are preferable to verses of the Koran repeated ad hominum. 113% of Egyptians now own a mobile phone and like us, are connected instantly to social media, news, porn, shopping channels, politics and the world – is it really likely they are to return to the puritanical medieval Islam so beloved of the 3rd world Islamist states?

Any religion of obsessives will deny technological progress. From 17th Century Amish to the Wahabe tribes of Saudi or the war lords of Afghanistan, all are having a hell of a time persuading their followers that the righteous path and route to heaven is blocked by technology, so they resort to violence and witch / book burning. What we are witnessing today is hardly a precedent of how peoples react to freedom to think and act as an individual. From our own Luddites who attempted to destroy any machine that could replace them, to the Immans of Yemeni who demand the execution of anyone found living outside of the 14th Century, the major roadblock to total and utter obedience has and will continue to be technological progress. Explaining how your prophets and messiahs suffered has no bearing on the freedom to watch TV, chat with your mates on Facebook or educate yourself via the Internet.

We don’t need to be arming rebels, or selling regimes more guns and bombs to kill their people. All we need to do to destroy authoritarian regimes is apply popular technology. Soviets eventually became sick of driving Ladas and Trabbants whilst their neighbours blasted down the autobahns in shiny Porsches. Turks, now used to drinking a quiet beer with their girlfriends whilst browsing their Twitter pages were not going to be told that all they are enjoying is “haram” by a religious Authoritarian who assumed just because he was voted into office could treat it as his own Feifdom.

If you want to defeat the Jihadists, give them what we have. Freedom of choice and an individual voice. Bombard them with cheap reliable, well-built cars, designed for women and soon enough, women will bombard their Political and religious masters for the right to drive them. Spread the options of free press and citizen journalism and they will soon reject daily diktats from Party HQ. We don’t have to wage war on them, we have to show them what they’re missing – sending drones to bomb them back into the 14th century is not the answer, building an Asda that opens at the same time as a mosque will do to their organised religion exactly what it did to ours, empty it.

So there’s your answer. If you want an end to Islamism, send in Capitalism. China wised up pretty quick, so will the Middle East. See if Iranians keep “voting” for mad Mullahs when they know they’ll lose access to the shopping channel or spare parts for the washing machine. Drop the sanctions, stop trying to control them and let their people decide – just make sure we show them the advantages of not living in a tent in the desert first. Trust me, the people will do the rest.


  1. Bang on Oh, trouble is big business ain’t ever gonna leave Islam alone……too much money to be made selling it weaponry.

  2. I’m Irish,

    This is my first visit to this website,

    I came here for one reason, and one reason only, Old Holborn,

    Just watch how your readership grows,

    And, as you have taken a brave step in giving him a voice, I shall go out of my way to spend my Euros (yuk) on the products advertised on this site,

    Now, was somebody talking about Capitalism:)

  3. Well said, and history/facts are on your side. If I can just add, because this winds me up, that capitalism means different things to different people.

    “Capitalism” Socialist defn = strong taking advantage of the weak.

    Working class not getting the full benefit of what they produce and are at the whim of the robber barons who purposefully keep the peasant slaves in poverty to provide a work force. The rich get rich at the expense of the poor.

    “Capitalism” libertarian defn = free trade, with no use of force/coercion/tax.

    Both sides in a trade are better off by definition. To make yourself more wealthy you have to make other people better off. “Workers” use other peoples tools, equipment and know how to produce more stuff with market risk borne by employer.

    • “Capitalism” Right wing definition = The State control of production by the ruling class to maintain the status quo. Wealth trickles down, whilst the central banks money clipping trickles even more wealth back up by devaluing money.

      Funnily enough centralised control of production is the definition of socialism of which fascism is the democratic persons favoured version. Confusing being a social person with socialism is just corrupt marketing of a corrupt ideal.

      Back on topic – excellent article.


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