Libertarian Party UK Make Baffling Decision To Turn Down Andrew Neil

The Libertarian Party has take a strange decision today to reject the offer of an interview with Andrew Neil on the Daily Politics. LPUK, which has a fairly minimal media presence, attempted to justify their decision on their Facebook page stating that they ‘don’t do interviews with the BBC, especially not with media personalities’ Screenshot (36) The party further clarified that the BBC are ‘not interested’ in Libertarianism and showed anger at the Beeb’s no show at the IALP meeting in Bournemouth two weeks ago. Further claiming that there is ‘an agenda at the BBC’ There is an agenda at the BBC in this election and it is nothing to do with the furtherance of the Libertarian cause. In our view the only possible reason that LPUK have been invited is to denounce UKIP as having no libertarian credentials, and to get a libertarian party leader to say that. We are not prepared to play Andrew Neil’s establishment games of that nature. While the party initially received some support for its stance but the majority view from commenters on the page was that of confusion, with some supporters calling the group ‘just keyboard warriors’ and ‘frit[s]’ Screenshot (38) Screenshot (39) Screenshot (41) LPUK may have been put off after their last appearance on the show in 2010 when then leader Chris Mounsey was savaged by O’Neil for unpleasant comments Mounsey had written on his ‘Devil’s Kitchen’ Blog


  1. Perhaps it is because he knew Brillo is thorough and would have found out about the fact that half his party left after a request for an investigation into party finances was refused on thin pretences.

    Or perhaps he might have asked about the amazing coup in which the leader effectively stole the institution from its members.

  2. Ridiculous, I’d happily appear anytime in front of Andrew Neil to defend a libertarian state.

    When I was in the NZ Libertarianz we’d have broken our backs to appear on the national broadcaster, knowing how statist it is. It’s the ideas that matter and if you can’t stand the heat frankly.. why bother?


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