Liberty League Freedom Forum 2013


In January 2011 Liberty League was formed ‘for students and professionals committed to the defence of freedom. The Liberty League acts as an organization and a network for societies across the intellectual and political spectrum, helping to inform, recruit and develop supporters of Liberty’

Though it had humble beginnings with 6 University societies set up to spread the word the group has snowballed and now boasts over 30 different societies across the country, with speakers from parliament, leading think tanks and business queuing up to talk at it’s events.

Freedom Forum is one of its flagship events, a three day extravaganza of discussions and lectures on all areas of policy, politics and liberty. Last year I attended the inaugural Freedom Forum up in Newcastle and was mightily impressed, this year, from Friday 5th till Sunday 7th April, it comes to UCL in London and promises to be even bigger.

Freedom Forum is the biggest pro liberty conference in the UK, pulling in delegates from all over the UK and indeed beyond. For only £35 attendees are provided accommodation and all meals, which is almost cheaper than staying at home. With speakers such as Steve Baker MP, Liberal Voice of the Year Sam Bowman, Douglas Carswell, Mark Littlewood and Chris Snowdon among many others, the level of knowledge imparted to attendees has never been higher.

Last year’s Liberty League was a roaring success, there were so many different talks on topics ranging from free banking, law, infrastructure, healthcare etc that it was impossible to attend them all. Picking and choosing the events to attend was probably the worst part of the whole weekend, as whatever you chose there were several alternatives that were just as good.

It wasn’t just the talks that made Liberty League so great, with accommodation included in the ticket (there is a cheaper non accommodation alternative for those who live in London) it meant that all the delegates were staying together. This was a great opportunity for discussion and debate (and drinking) with similarly liberty minded individuals.

The  biggest benefit of Liberty League’s Freedom Forum has to be the range and depth of knowledge it offers attendees, providing the arguments, the information and the motivation to tackle and beat the anti-freedom advocates that so often try and control the agenda. Lovers of liberty are not alone, if you haven’t already booked a ticket to this fantastic event I thoroughly urge you to, it is enjoyable, informative and one of the best weekends you will have all year. Put simply you will struggle not to learn much invaluable knowledge and not to have a good time.

For a full speaker list and to buy tickets visit the liberty league site.



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