Liberty at the Seaside – Calling all students who love freedom

The Freedom Association, along with a long list of other groups*, are organising what looks to be a truly fantastic weekend for lovers of liberty and freedom – The Freedom Festival. They have an impressive list of speakers (Dan Hannan, Robin Harris, Ruth Lea, Mark Littlewood, Tom Palmer, Toby Young to name but a few), all part of a residential weekend by the sea in Bournemouth this March, from 3pm on Friday the 14th to 3pm on Sunday the 16th.

freedom fest

This is surely something to add to the growing list of unmissable events this spring (don’t forget LLFF14 a month later!) but its £250 price tag for under 30s might have given that stretched overdraft a beating. Fear not. Your student loan is safe. If you are a full time student and under 30, the entire weekend, with entry, food, accommodation, the lot, is just £50.

Freedom loving students, come and spend a weekend drinking, socialising, and networking with some of the most connected and influential people in pro-liberty politics. Come for the lively discussions and you never know, the impressions you leave and the contacts you make could be what secures you that coveted Westminster internship for the summer. To book contact Sharon Jones, and say you are a full time student. Please do say how you heard about the event! To keep up to date, follow the event on Facebook.

*The Adam Smith Institute, Big Brother Watch, Business for Britain, the Centre for Policy Studies, Conservative Way Forward, the Institute of Economic Affairs and The TaxPayers’ Alliance.


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