Life after the top 10

Jo Rance,

There’s no denying that we all secretly blast out a bit of Katy Perry every once in a while; I mean a chirpy pop song never hurt anybody. However when do we draw the line and say ‘actually, where’s the meaning gone?’ Have we lost it in the layers of upbeat rhythms and auto-tuned voices? Is the music we listen to really what the artist has created, or is it a copy of the last 20 songs to make it to the top ten? That’s the question a lot of ‘artists’ seem to be avoiding these days.

I’m aware I sound pretty cynical for a girl of 16, but there’s nothing I love more than a good ‘underdog’ song; one that’s been mastered by someone that isn’t plastered over magazines and star struck with fame – someone that does music because they love it, it’s their life. Maybe they will become known and credited for their work that we’ve appreciated from the beginning, but it’s the fact that they keep their unique sound and don’t fall into the same ‘top ten pop/R&B’ trap as all the others. Cough *Nicki Minaj* Cough.  Sorry not sorry Nicki.

‘Daughter’, an indie-folk band from London.

Buried deep within there’s a human, and despite everything I’m still human, but I think I’m dying here”. That’s a lyric from the song ‘Human’ by Daughter, an indie-folk band from London. I think they’ve captured the essence of my point completely, and that’s the beauty of real music – you can relate it to whatever you’re feeling at that point in time, and it makes sense. The real musicians in our society are those that know they’re the singing the truth and not regurgitating the same superficial moans as everybody else in the chart. I’d say it was just comparable to ‘This one is for the boys with the booming system, top down AC with the cooling system’.  Oh the feeling that’s been put into that tune. Again, Sorry not sorry Nicki.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the short lived time in the top ten is not what we should be basing our music tastes around, we should delve into the music; feel the lyrics, relate to the song – not just idle ourselves around the portrayal of a life sized singing Barbie. I really am digging it out for Miss Minaj today aren’t I!

You need to feel your music and write it from the heart to have a long lasting career; one where your fans feel the same as you did when you wrote it. For people that aspire to be like the last number 1, 2 or 3 in the chart, well I’d jog on rather swiftly. Life after the top ten isn’t going to be so sweet.


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