Lines in the Sand – Why Iraq must fall

Charlene and Michel de Carvalho

The hideous megalomaniac has surfaced as the blood starts to flow once again in Iraq. Blair is desperately rushing from media studio to media studio to insist that the barbarity currently being inflicted in Iraq is “not my fault” and as much as I wish him a lingering death for the carnage he inflicted on that nation and it’s peoples in 2003, he is actually correct.

Yes, he’s a bloodthirsty war criminal, now under permanent armed guard and will never lead a normal life. Yes, he’s currently advising the corrupt Government (as a such) of Albania how to get access to the lovely Euro Billions handed out by Brussels and yes, he is counting his piles of gold as he wallows in the superbly ironic role of “Middle East Peace Envoy” whilst demanding we bomb the brown people of Syria into democracy, like we have in Libya, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Iraq. But the problem began long before his oily tentacles grasped the reins of power.

It began, quite simply, when the British needed a faster trade route to the plundered riches of India. In 1875, the British bought the majority shareholding of the Suez Canal from the Egyptians after Egypt’s ruler went bust. The British Empire decided to quite simply own Egypt and happily occupied the place (to keep the Turks out, naturally)

The Turks ended up siding with the Germans in World War 1, and as any reader of TE Lawrence’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom will tell you, the British began their most treacherous deceit of the Arab tribes. As Peter O’Toole, weighed down with bags of gold from London, recruited as many of the various Arab factions he could muster to bring down the Turks, the Arabs were promised their own unified lands – and treacherously betrayed by the British and the French.

Alas, the victorious Allies in Europe, after defeating the Germans and by default, the Turks, suddenly realised the area had more than just sand and uppity natives. Namely Oil. The rest, as they say, is history. Certainly bowing to the Zionists and handing over Palestine was a mistake and cannot ever end well, but the French and British then continued their ridiculous partitions of great swathes of land, ignoring a thousand year history of division and ethnic strife. Most Arab tribes would happily slaughter their neighbours over the rights to drink at an oasis, so what realistic chance did anyone have of holding a constructed State together? Only a dictator could do that, and yes, they have blossomed like desert wild flowers after rain. Saddam Hussein managed to conquer and destroyed his opposition and ruled over his fractured tribes with a rod of iron, and yes, the West was happy to let him do so, in return for arm sales and cheap oil.

What we are now witnessing is the failed attempt to impose democracy on peoples utterly disinterested in democracy. Their moral codes were written 1400 years ago and cannot change, their allegiances are to warlords and tribes, not politicians. Their desires are not iPhones, golf courses and 2 for 1 offers at Tesco. They have no need for soap operas or mini skirts, they are trapped in a sectarian time warp the likes of which Europe threw off after the reformation. Arabia is thrashing around in the dark ages but armed to the teeth by the very West that enslaved it.

Iraq is over. The false boundaries drawn up during the partition of the Ottoman Empire in 1920 are falling apart and with no dictators to hold it together, the fury of sectarian violence is being unleashed once again. With luck, the Kurds will establish a separate State, the Sunni and Shia factions will eventually agree a compromise to stop slaughtering each other without the need for Berlin Walls and we can but pray that the peoples of Arabia will one day decide by themselves that their versions of Islam are neither sustainable or worthwhile.

We can certainly blame Blair for the horrors he unleashed on Iraq and we can certainly blame the British Empire’s rampant greed for territory, but above all, we must blame the cult of Islam for the catastrophic violence now sweeping through what is soon to be a failed State. With luck, the Turks, the Iranians and the Saudis will remain neutral and allow the various factions to settle their own borders, each according to their adhesion to Islam, but until the oil runs out, I seriously doubt it. No doubt the West will be queuing up to sell more bombs to inflict more terror on a failed state, hoping as ever, to pick up the spoils just as we did 100 years ago. Until the reformation of Islam happens, we will have to accept that the only rule of law over an extremist religion is the rule of a bloody dictator, and he won’t be a blue eyed Englishman promising an Arab Uprising.


  1. Islam needs more than a reformation. Until they find their way to and through an Enlightenment, Muslims will remain trapped in a world that rejects the notion that we possess natural individual rights, the existence of a universe governed by knowable laws and the importance of applying reason to the problem of social progress. The people of the Middle East, like people everywhere, deserve better than they’re getting.


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