Local Elections: #Unseat Fails in Barnet after Anti-Semitism Scandal

While the UK’s Local Election results seem to be a mixed bag one thing is clear – the Labour Party’s anti-Semitism problem has undoubtedly cost them one of the top targets of their #Unseat campaign – where Jeremy Corbyn was planning a victory parade today, no less.

Barnet is home to one of the country’s largest Jewish populations. Yesterday that demographic sent a very clear message at the ballot box that the appalling views being voiced by many Labour members and supporters simply will not be tolerated by the Jewish community.

Despite the Conservatives having narrowly lost their majority in the council a few weeks before yesterday’s vote after the resignation of a councillor, the borough remained blue. Speaking to The Guardian Adam Langleben, an unseated Labour councillor stated:

‘Every Jewish Labour household we visited, people said, “not this time.” Activists were being told, “this is a racist party, an anti-Semitic party”, doors were slammed in their faces. We as Jewish Labour activists were told we were endorsing anti-Semitism. The reason we have lost here is the inability to deal with this issue and to tackle anti-Semitism.’

In spectacular irony Owen Jones – while stroking his pussy, of course – invited other Labour supporters to campaign in Barnet in order to ‘represent the interests of the majority’:


However, now that the results are in even Owen seems to have realised that when a community faces constant ridicule and contempt at the hands of a political entity they are able to represent their own interests very well indeed:

Despite the recent claims of Laura Parker – head of the campaign group Momentum – Labour’s problem with anti-Semitism is not limited to obscure and untraceable momentum supporters and far-right internet trolls. Many of the party’s activists, candidates, and even MPs have made statements that are simply unacceptable.

Recently The Backbencher reported on a series of tweets by a Labour Council candidate and NUS Vice-President that very clearly went beyond being violently anti Israel, making references to stereotypes of Jews being stingy:

PHOTO: The Tab

Another candidate in Tunbridge Wells was even found to have shared Holocaust denial material, and one Labour MP had to apologise, admitting that she had made anti-Semitic remarks. And let’s not forget the party leader’s support for the artist Mear One’s mural which would not have looked out of place in 1930’s Germany.

Even if the vast majority of the bile is directed towards the state of Israel, it must be pointed out that all this is coming from a political movement that regularly waxes lyrical about how climate change is racist because it affects people in non-white countries more keenly and how cuts to income support are sexist because women are more likely to rely on it. The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

On the plus side, it does seem that the party is beginning to acknowledge that they have a serious problem to deal with:

The Labour activists now admitting there is a problem have had no new information about the extent and nature of the issues the party needs to deal with over the past 24 hours. The u-turn from Corbyn’s planned victory parade in a Jewish borough to the calls for serious soul searching has been caused by self-interest, rather than scruples. Appalling racism, bigotry and ideological fanaticism have only became a problem now the party has been forced to realise that the army of ‘young, ethnically diverse’ people flocking to London after being fed several years’ solid hard-left brainwashing at our country’s Universities they have banked on just aren’t as numerous enough to drown out the voices of those who feel marginalised, threatened and disenfranchised by the extremism of Corbyn’s modern left right now. How’s that for an embodiment of leftist values?


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