Lord Ashcroft Retires

Lord Ashcroft has announced he will be retiring from the House of Lords.

Lord Ashcroft today announced that he will be stepping down from the House of Lords. This will make him one of the few to have ever done so. In a statement he outlined that his belief was that Lords should not sit forever and that they should step down.

This could spell the start of a new generation of Peers stepping down as opposed to holding their seats till death, as is more common. The House of Lords is already extremely bloated with 786 members, making the whole of the UK Parliament the second largest legislature in the World.

Lord Ashcrofts departure comes just 15 years after he first took his seat. His appointment was controversial as he owned a large number of companies based outside of the UK. One of the terms of his joining was that he become a UK taxpayer. His appointment was also questioned in 2003 during the “Cash for Peerages” scandal.

Ashcroft has served as a deputy chairman of the Conservative Party and has also been active in Caribbean and Central American politics.


We hope his retirement from the Lords doesn’t also mean an end to his excellent constituency polling.


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