Major Microsoft Restructuring Expected

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is expected to announce a major restructuring of the technology firm by 1 July, AllThingsD is reporting, one which will leave a number of top executives at the company out of work.

Information regarding the ‘titanic’ changes being proposed is scarce. According to the report, Ballmer has been making significant plans and has left much of the wider leadership at the company out of the decision-making process. The secrecy in which Ballmer is conducting business has left many working for the tech giant worried.

Steve Ballmer
Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO. Image: Reuters

The restructuring will be the next stage in Ballmer’s plan to turn Microsoft into a ‘devices and service company’. In recent years Microsoft has diversified its offerings, entering a number of new industries in the process. A number of its latest core product offerings have had disappointing receptions in recent times however; Windows 8 has sold well, but did not sit well with consumers or OEMs; Windows Phone has struggled to gain significant market share; and the Xbox One announcement was a PR disaster.

Many of Microsofts product offerings have undergone a transformation in recent years; the new interface used on current Windows devices is a significant change from previous offerings. The changes implemented are not just skin deep however; although all used on different systems, Windows 8, Windows Phone, and the software behind the Xbox One share the same kernel. According to The Verge, sources say many of the impending changes at Microsoft will focus on ‘further aligning’ these operating systems. This could result in improved cross-platform compatibility; unlike on iOS, where all devices use a unified App store, Windows currently has separate stores for its various offerings.

Ballmer’s plan is to reshape Microsoft into a hardware and software company, but the company has been moving towards this for a while now. The tech giant is transitioning towards a more unified system with its product offerings, and this is now going to be reflected within the structure of the company. But as to whether these efforts will serve to help improve many of the tech giant’s much maligned product offerings and customer satisfaction ratings, only time will tell.


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