Mens Rights Lawyer Marc Angelucci Murdered

Photo: Angelucci in ‘The Red Pill’ Jaye Bird Films / Courtesy Everett Collection

Marc Angelucci is dead. Gunned down in broad daylight and in cold blood; early signs indicate this was a planned killing. An assignation. Readers will probably not have heard of this man, yet inside a small and committed band activists seeking to overturn discriminatory legal practices in the United States, he was a giant. Angelucci spent much of his life battling in courts, entirely free of charge, for gender equality. Except from within a niche political grouping, Angelucci never received the plaudits and resources his work deserved. That is because the type of gender discrimination he worked in was – and remains – somewhat unfashionable: men’s rights. During a tribute to the life of Marc, Harry Crouch, President of the National Coalition for Men (NCFM), said one time himself and Marc agreed that if the NCFM ever advocated for special treatment of men, instead of correcting laws and practices mandating anti-male bias, then they would both leave the organization.

Western culture needs much more of this attitude. One of the reasons why the culture wars are just so nasty is the ability of many professional political activists tout equality between various groups while actually believing in so such thing. No major women’s domestic violence charity in the United Kingdom, for instance, has ever advocated for a redistribution of resources toward male victims. (Official crime statistics put male victims at around a third, but they only receive 5% of government resources. Longitudinal research suggests the true share of male victims is somewhat higher than officially reported.) Marc Angelucci never have behaved the same way; he regularly turned down money from thankful clients because he believed in causes and helping people whoever they may have been. Working pro bono entailed sacrificing a highly lucrative career in legal services.

Across the political spectrum professional activists continue to profit enormously from what is often an impressive aptitude for making themselves a permanent victim based on some characteristic. They specialise in tearing down anyone who goes against the prevailing narrative, and meat out special opprobrium if the critic is from the same protected group. Advocating on behalf of men, however obvious their social problems may be, has never made anyone rich. Those working as Marc did only do so because they seek to help people suffering injustices. Not because the victim is a man, but because they see victims who are dismissed by dint of who they are. Such an undertaking requires a stern constitution; Marc certainly had one.

Political activism needs more people like Marc Angelucci in it. During his life he worked on numerous cases of fathers being deprived access to their children, on false allegation cases, on cases in which the apparatus of state was forced to answer for decisions wrongfully taken against innocent people. Most famously he was behind the sexual discrimination legal action against selective service. For many decades young men have been required to offer their bodies to the government in the event of war if they were to vote in election, while no such obligation was made of young women. Personally, this writer hopes the legal success Marc achieved will ultimately result in no American citizen having to sign away the use of their body to take part in the democratic process.

Western culture is now much the poorer for the loss of Angelucci. We can only hope more of his type summon the same levels of courage and speak up for what is right, even when it is highly unfashionable to do so. If that does happen, US society will be much the richer.



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