Michael McIntyre: Showtime

Chloe Jackson,

As he skipped his way on stage with his voluminous hair bouncing with every step, Michael McIntyre captivated the audience immediately.

The middle class man of comedy captured the hearts of the Geordie crowd, with stories of his red carpet lifestyle, while relating to the audience with little anecdotal stories of family life.

After a successful first tour, McIntyre quickly became a household name, appearing on shows such as Live at the Appolo and Michael McIntyres Comedy Roadshow. It was no wonder then, that when tickets came on sale for the 2012 tour “Showtime!” last year, they were snapped up before he had chance to say: “fiiiiiiiiiiive spiceeee.”

The performance was a mix of refreshingly new material and classically old. I must say, I do feel sorry for his wife, as he fondly mentions their marital highs and lows, leaving couples throughout the crowd looking at each other with knowing glances and giggles.

The stage was decorated in a classy royal purple and red. You wouldn’t expect anything different, would you? Though as the title of the show expects, his name was in bright lights. The stage set the scene for the rest of the performance; his terribly posh voice, teamed with jokes, quips and tales married well with his boyish humour and dire attempt at the Geordie accent. How could you not like him?

What particularly impressed not only myself, but also the 10,000 other cacklers around me, was his ability to adlib so well. Throughout the performance, McIntyre focused on a family in the front row who’d brought their 11 year old daughter with them, making them the butt of many jokes . He made sure he’d give them enough warning to censor (cover her ears) before any X rated joke could taint her innocence.

One very slight criticism I would point out about the show is how sometimes he spoke so fast, he left me feeling like I had to try and rush to keep up. Although most jokes were followed by elaborate actions which quickly filled me in, it did leave a few: “Whaaaa?!” moments.

Reviews usually consist of criticism and I’ll be first to admit, that this review isn’t ladled with much. This is simply because I can genuinely say I could barely fault this funny man. As the godson of Kenny Everett, McIntyre has always had big shoes to fill. But I would not hesitate to return to his next tour, ready for side splitting laughter and his take on the world as we know it.



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