Neil Hamilton & James Delingpole fail to make UKIP MEP list

Two big names fail to make the cut for UKIP MEP selections

Neil Hamilton, the former Conservative MP and current UKIP elected NEC member, has been rejected by UKIP’s selection process to become a Member of the European Parliament.

Furthermore, James Delingpole, the controversial columnist has also been rejected by UKIP’s assessment committee.

Successful candidates included Godfrey Bloom, Nigel Farage, Paul Nuttal, and Daily Express journalist, Patrick O’Flynn.

Candidates are judged in a number of ways: through a paper evaluation, public speaking, interview techniques, previous experience, background history, and more. The candidates are scored for their overall performance and ranked by the committee.

After the selection phase has taken place, the prospective candidates are assessed by UKIP members and are voted for selection.

However, UKIP’s National Executive Committee (NEC) has the power to override any decisions made by UKIP members though that power is “reserved for extreme circumstances” a UKIP spokesperson tells me.

It is not yet known as to why Hamilton was rejected for the role, however, pundits are already speculating that his political history may have been the reason for his dismissal.


  1. They cut Delingpole? He is a lad though? I can understand Hamilton, but James? Not James? Surely not James!?


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