Nelson Mandela: Not a Devil or a Saint, Just Human.

Politics, like any team event, is incredibly divisive. Fans hate the opposition team and their supporters, probably more passionately than in most sporting divides. The tendency therefore becomes to label anyone perceived as on ‘your side’ a hero, and anyone who opposes you evil. Tories become sub human poor haters, while Labour becomes spend-addicted communists.

Of all the political figures Nelson Mandela is one of the most divisive. Supporters see him as saint who helped bring down an oppressive regime, fighting nobly against a racist state. His detractors see him as a terrorist who helped kill many civilians in a serious of vicious attacks. The truth probably, as it often does, lies somewhere in between.

Mandela was born into a country that automatically made him a second class citizen. Black South Africans could not vote, Black hospitals were poorly staffed, underfunded and woefully inadequate compared to their White counterparts. Trains, buses even ambulances were segregated. Black’s were forbidden from White only zones without a permit and were forcibly resettled away from areas the Government deemed inappropriate. In short it was a system that almost none of us today could even comprehend.

It is with that background that Mandela moved from a decade of non violent, peaceful protest, to a more direct and violent approach. A process that Andy Bolton documents well here.

The use of violence is questionable for many people, something that we find hard to justify. Those that support him point to the fact that Mandela was fighting against a system that had all but declared war against non whites.

Mandela was not perfect, he did not have the tolerance and the ability to forgive that many seem to demand he had. After years of seeing others fighting his cause beaten, attacked and killed he gave up on peaceful protest, something that many will not forgive him for, and turned to a more direct approach.

The worst of the violence was long after Mandela had been arrested, and the civilian deaths were during a period when he was held isolation on Robben Island allowed one visit and one censored letter every half year. To blame him, as many do, for the deaths of civilians in this period is questionable at best. But it is without doubt that Mandela helped change a movement based on civil disobedience to one that relied on violence and eventually led to some indefensible attacks on many innocents, and for some that is enough to damn him as a terrorist entirely.

It is easy, sitting comfortably in a comparatively free society, to set the bar high for people like Mandela. To demand that they show virtues that we ourselves often don’t show in our everyday lives, and then condemn them as evil when they fall even slightly below our requirements. Only you know if you could have lived up to those standards yourself in the same situation Mandela faced, and fortunately none of you are likely to have to find out if you will. Nelson Mandela was imperfect and flawed as all humans are, he was not a saint, he did not live a perfect life. But he was far from a devil, from an evil terrorist who desired only to kill. Apartheid South Africa showed some of the very worst a state could become, some of the most appalling ways we can treat our fellow man. Mandlea showed true bravery in standing up for rights we today take for granted as self evident. That his fight was imperfect will tarnish him forever in the eyes of his detractors. While he was no angel he did what he could, in an impossible situation, to make life better for those who were crushed under the heel of an oppressive state. So maybe it is time to do away with the extreme labels, to recognise that Mandela was flawed like any of us, and fighting in a situation few of us can imagine. And while he may not have achieved perfection, he did what he saw was right at a time when almost every option would have horrific consequences. Rather than demand perfection and, due to a lack of it, refuse to even consider any positives maybe we should just applaud one man who stood up for what he saw as right and accept that in life, good comes with bad.


  1. My Grandfather personally fought against the Bolsheviks(in Russia) and had wounds to show for them. To make a point, Communism does not end well for human beings(unless that is the desired out come) over 100 million souls perished due to Communism world wide, is this our future ? Are we hell bent to play out a nightmarish real version of zombies or any other online game? without empathy towards our fellow human beings ? Is life that pointless that death is becoming a replacement to the exhilaration similar to an orgasm?

  2. Mandela was a terrorist, a Communist sympathiser, an appeaser of tyrants world-wide. He purported to be a supporter of human rights, but curtained those of White South Africans. This “tolerant humanitarian” often sang “Kill the Boer” in public. He never apologised for his bombing campaign, nor killing of White civilians.

    In short, he was a Devil, and no Saint.

  3. Well if Mandela after all his acts of terrorism, was “just human”. Then so was Osama Bin Ladin! Who then should considered a hero for Islam! While we’re at it, we could throw in Adolf Hitler, he too after all was……………. “just human”!
    Are you really that f#%ken stupid???!!!

  4. lucia Rodrigues: anti-jews? you f*cking idiot. have you no idea at all about the history of the anti-apartheid struggle? communist? racist? have you no idea at all about the anti-apartheid struggle? one thing is for sure: if I had been born black in early 20th century south Africa, I would have gladly shot people like you through the head.

  5. So many rascist c*nts commenting on here. And so what if he was a communist? communism means EQUALITY. The greatest triumph of the right wing in the modern world is convincing so many working class people around the world that it is ‘EVIL’ while your masters laugh at you.

    • You brain dead conditioned moron. Communists murdered over 100 million people in the twentieth century alone and are still murdering innocent men, women, and children around the world today, you worthless thick idiot. Your beloved communism has nothing to do with equality, it’s a hate filled nasty ideology peddled by worthless pathetic misfit failures and losers like you.

      Oh and telling the TRUTH is not racist, it’s just thick conditioned morons like you can’t handle the truth.

  6. Every White country on the planet is forced to become multicultural and multiracial.
    EVERY white country is told to end its own race and culture.

    No one asks that of ANY non-White country. Immigration and forced-assimilation is for ALL & ONLY White countries.

    Anti-Whites call themselves “anti-racist”, but their words & actions lead to the genocide of only one group: White people.

    The true goal of anti-racism is to genocide my people.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  7. Mandela not a saint, not a Devil, just human??????? Are you kidding me?????

    This man was a mass murderer, a hater of the white man (see the video where he’s singing about killing whites), a Communists, a terrorist. Oh, well, he was just human, like all of us are.

    Flags in my city (Des Moines, Iowa) are flying at half-staff today, and I’m going to find out if it’s for the Devil Nelson Mandela, and let my disgust be known!!!!

      • Have you ever read ONE WORD or educated yourself ONE IOTA about the documented history the the terrorist/mass murderer Nelson Mandela?

        If it doesn’t hurt your unused brain to do a little homework, you can easily access Mandela’s trial transcripts where he pleads guilty to multiple murders, and refuses to renounce his violent tactics to end Apartheid. He was the leader of the “armed wing” of the ANC, who masterminded hundreds of bombings of innocent white….and black men, women and children.

        Don’t call someone uneducated when you have such appalling ignorance of a subject.

        • ye multiple murders he commited when he was supposed to be in jail no white in sa were innocent they were all racist bastards i saw my family murder by those ppl u call innocent there are nothing but land grabbing bastards n murderers

  8. He supported the mass immigration and “assmilation” imposed on EVERY white country and ONLY white countries which is GENOCIDE.

    • Somewhat of a saint !!!!…Are you nuts, a SAINT!!! be was a terrorist with blood on his hands.
      And PS, Apartheid did not stop because of him, it stopped because it was financially bad for the country. SA could have squashed it by just stepping on it but it was not a financialy good desition.
      So, they let him go, as they believed then it was financially a better choice, they thought THEN, something they are very sorry about now.
      Today I am sure they believe the should rather have followed through and then said “I am sorry” and they would ave been in a much better state.

      • you may very well have a home there too. This general concept of hell that you wish for Mandela is revealed in the book called the Bible ..this Book also speaks of not judging others, forgiveness…and that God will forgive OUR WRONGS as we FORGIVE those that have wronged us. Stating facts about what did or did not happen is one thing…but there are so many people on these forums with such hateful vile words that reveal the condition of their own hearts.

    • lucia Rodrigues: anti-jews? you f*cking idiot. have you no idea at all about the history of the anti-apartheid struggle? communist? racist? have you no idea at all about the anti-apartheid struggle? one thing is for sure: if I had been born black in early 20th century south Africa, I would have gladly shot people like you through the head.

  9. Whilst much of what you say bears an element of truth, I think his behaviour after he became president shows he is somewhat of a saint.

    Yes he had a violent side, but violent rebellion is a perfectly legitimate response to tyranny and state orchestrated genocide. Surely he has the right to defend himself against those who seek to murder him? His actions were perfectly justified in the context in my opinion.

    But it is made clear following his election as president that this behaviour was merely forced because of circumstance, not his real persona. He had the opportunity to take his revenge on those who wronged him, but he didn’t. He had to face down many members of his own ANC who wanted to ban “white sports” for instance. He could have had his revenge, instead he created a new nation of peace reconciliation. I hope this continues after his death.


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