New Website. New Team. New Opportunities – For You?

Thank you for being a reader and visitor to The Backbencher Online Magazine.

Recent weeks have been very busy. We have been putting together our new editorial team and the new Website which we launched last week.

In May, we reached out for people who wanted to become contributors and writers for The Backbencher. We have been thrilled with the response.

We have a growing pool of new and experienced contributor talent either supporting our work or in the process of literally coming online. But we are always on the lookout for more.

Reaching our aim of becoming and remaining a leading Libertarian, right of centre voice in the political magazine and blogsite marketplace means that we need a diverse team of writers who have different writing styles, levels of experience and overall, a different voice.

This means that we still have some fantastic opportunities for people – perhaps just like you, who would like to begin writing pieces for publication, but have not had the opportunity to turn that into reality until now.

All writers start somewhere, or find themselves a temporary home when they are ‘in between’.

The Backbencher Team would like to invite contributors both experienced and new, to come on board and see if you can help us to do what we do.

It doesn’t matter what your background is; whether you are a published writer, recent graduate or undergraduate looking to build up the all-important CV – we want you on board.

If you want to write about Politics, Culture or something in the Money/Economy/Business frame, we would love to hear from you and see if we can get your work published on our Website.

We have criteria for the kind of articles we publish, which we will explain when you get in touch, and  there are always editors available if you aren’t sure whether a topic is suitable. The more newsy the better, so don’t hang around if you think you have got a story or new angle that you don’t think our competitors have covered yet.

E-mail us now on



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