NUS Passes Motion to Abolish Prison-Industrial Complex

Following on from yesterday’s article on the news that NUS Black Student’s Conference 2016 would vote on the “abolition of the prison-industrial complex”, we learn that the vote, in all its practicality, usefulness to students and glory, passed.

The NUS now calls for the end of prisons.

The NUS fee that your University Union pays for is spent so that supposed ‘student representatives’ can network in swanky hotel conference rooms to debate whether or not prisons are necessary.

How is this helping education? How is this helping university experience?  It continues to illustrate how far removed this organisation is from the troubles of everyday students and the concerns that they have.

Here’s what Twitter thought about the motion: 
tweets nusblack16


  1. […] However, what should we expect when only 700 out of 7 million students were allowed to vote! As Charles McGrath, Pembroke JCR Access Officer, highlights, “The NUS suffers from a major democratic deficit that those in charge seem unwilling to change. The repeated defeat of motions calling for One Member One Vote means that the NUS is structurally unable to keep on top of the concerns of students.” The NUS is not an organisation concentrating on realistic goals it can achieve in regards to student matters, such as higher quality course content. It goes way beyond relevant politics, such as student fees, and spends hours upon hour acting as if it were a radical far-left political party, passing motions on matters such as a call to shut down all prisons because supposedly they are racist. […]


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