NUS Vice President Breaks Oxford Referendum Rules

NUS Vice President for Union Development, Richard Brooks, has leaned in to influence Oxford students voting on their union’s NUS affiliation. As of today students will be able to vote on whether Oxford is better off without the NUS.

The VP sent an email using a “prohibited mailing list”, first discovered by Versa News, which violates Oxford Union’s election regulations.

Here is the pro-NUS email sent by Richard Brooks on the prohibited mailing list:

nus oxford email

As explained in the referendum’s “Directions made by the Returning Officer, under the provisions of Electoral Regulation 6.3”:

“Under Election Regulation 20.2(b), all NUS mailing lists are classified as excluded mailing lists and therefore cannot be used for campaigning during this referendum.” 

The use of a prohibited mailing list by NUS senior officers has undermined the referendum result, but it is not the first time in Oxford’s history that an NUS referendum has been plagued by anti-democratic campaign methods.

In other news, the Electoral Commission has suffered a similar blunder by sending out influential leaflets to households regarding the EU referendum. Following electoral regulations is clearly an extremely difficult thing to do…

The Oxford referendum result is expected (pending no further controversy) on June 2nd.



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