NUS Vice President: Racism “never cuts both ways”


Dom Anderson, NUS Vice President for Society and Citizenship and Labour party councillor for Derby, wrote some questionable statements in a heated debate about RMT’s tube strike in London.

Mr Anderson controversially wrote: “Racism also never cuts both ways”; which is an unorthodox position from an NUS representative whose role focuses on “social and global justice”. But moreover, Anderson’s comment “That must have been awful for you” appears to be an incredibly insensitive response to genuine concerns of non-white racism against a mixed-race man.

anderson screenshot


anderson screenshot 1


All racism is wrong, and all cases should be taken extremely seriously by society. The racially motivated attacks on people across the country of all colours and backgrounds illustrates that we must not become complacent in our approach to racism. Belittling such cases with suggestions that racism “never cuts both ways” degrades the work that has gone into the promotion of equality and social cohesion in the UK.

This is not the language we might expect from an NUS VP or a Labour party politician. Milton hopes that both the NUS and the Labour party will disassociate themselves from Mr Anderson’s views immediately.


  1. If it had been a UKIP member say that all we would hear is you banging on about how the view reflected all UKIP members, just like you have done in the past Milton. You’re a hypocrite.


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