Occupy…West Burton Power Station

By Daniel Pryor

‘We are here to challenge corporate power and the rush to further ingrain [sic] an energy system that puts short term profits of the few, above the collective needs of the many’, states No Dash for Gas, a group of climate change activists who have shot to prominence by occupying Nottingham’s West Burton Power Station this Monday. After successfully evading security, around twenty members of the group abseiled down the insides of the building’s chimneys, citing the high CO2 emissions of the gas-fired power station as sound justification for illegally trespassing on private property. Currently under construction, West Burton Power Station will produce 1300MW of power when completed: around enough electricity to satisfy the requirements of approximately 1.5 million homes [1].

The wider debate regarding anthropogenic climate change rages on, with media commentators such as The Telegraph’s James Delingpole praising George Osborne’s recent description of the green lobby as the ‘environmental Taliban’ [2]. It seems the Taliban’s ground troops are making quite a name for themselves. Earlier today, they released this video of their breaking-and-entering escapades, which bears a striking resemblance to scenes from the latest instalment in the Paranormal Activity franchise.

Daniel is currently in the second year of Sixth Form study with a view to read PPE at degree level, and tweets at @DanielPryorr. He passes the time by raising tempers, playing guitar and drinking vast quantities of miso soup.

[1] According to estimates by the sites owners, EDF Energy.
[2] Mr Osborne purportedly used this phrase when referring to the Coalition government’s green lobby.



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