Oliver Cooper labels TBG ‘destructive’ to Conservative Future.

Oliver Cooper has ‘sensationally’ declared Conservative Future’s main gossip blog, The Blue Guerilla, as ‘destructive to CF’ and that he is boycotting it.

tbg cooper

The Blue Guerilla (TBG) has been increasingly causing strife amongst CF membership, coming to a head with last week’s fevered speculation over UKIP defections. TBG has long been associated with a colourful anonymous comment section and has been described as ‘a wretched hive of scum and villainy’ from anonymous TBG commentators. There has been growing concern about the nature of these comments, particularly their effect in dissuading women from active involvement within CF.

Milton brought you news that Mr Cooper had been ignoring tbg and he has confirmed the truth of this: ‘I’m not boycotting members by ignoring a website,’ he told Milton. Cooper feels that tbg’s only interest lies in damaging CF given its owner’s alleged UKIP sympathies: ‘He’s a UKIP supporter, his only interest is to be destructive to CF and allow it to implode.’

It can be expected that Mr Cooper will face further difficulties from tbg because of these comments. However, it remains to be seen how wide ranging these problems will be, and to what extent they will affect the Cooper Chairmanship. Milton awaits any further explosions with baited breath.


  1. I’m not sure that ignoring TBG is the answer. Oliver has failed to connect with the ordinary CF member since becoming Chairman. Ignoring TBG risks making him look even more aloof.

  2. Tbg just recycls old news and creates BS id it cant find anything salacious. At least the stuff about SJ is true so mqny people complain about her. Tbg just makes it up and tries to cause trouble

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