Opening Statement

Dear all,


I would like to introduce to you our new online magazine ‘The Backbencher’.  We are a brand new organisation with clear goals on how we would like to see change – of a political nature – here in Britain. We will be focusing the majority of our time, content, and research on British politics and British culture.

So without further ado I would like to introduce you to our core philosophy.

Free Trade,

We firmly believe in free market economics; an economy where success is rewarded fairly. On that notion we campaign for a fairer, more competitive, and flatter tax system which will ensure that Government limits itself as much as possible from market interference.

We want to see Britain at the top of the pecking order once more. We know that the only way of this becoming achievable is through the progressive movement of free trade and free enterprise. We want to see much of the unnecessary bureaucracy and regulation that holds down innovation swept away to allow for the creation of jobs, wealth, and prosperity in this country once more for now and also for future generations.

Freedom of the Individual,

We think that it is right that individuals should be in charge of their own liberty and lives. We believe that your body is entirely your own property and that no authority should be able to tell you what to do with it. And on that notion, we advocate for serious reforms in regards to the legalisation of drugs, prostitution, and euthanasia.

This website will argue that the European Union is an encroachment on our ability to decide as a country what laws best suit our people. The Backbencher fights for an independent Britain – away from Brussels’ bureaucrats and unelected officials where over 70% of our laws are made – to allow the British people to become autonomous over their liberty and future once more.

It is a very exciting time here with the new launch, we are thrilled with our new website and quite frankly, we cannot wait to get started.


Hope to see you on here again soon,


Alex MacDonald



  1. A very promising mission statement! The legalisation of prostitution is of concern to me, however. I understand the premise – that we should be in charge of our liberty and lives – but I question the extent to which most women enter the profession of their own free will?


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