Opinion: Neil Ferguson’s resignation after breaking lockdown shows not just hypocrisy but contempt for the British public

So, it seems that Neil Ferguson, star epidemiologist of Boris Johnson’s government has just been obliged to step down from his position as SAGE advisor-in-chief after breaking lockdown to make illicit trips to his married lover, despite the fact that he’s the very man behind the government’s lockdown policy whereby couples who don’t live together are obliged to take one for the team and not see each other. Turns out he decided this rule didn’t apply to him because he’s already had the virus and recovered.

And who is this lover? One Ms Antonia Staats – left wing activist and senior campaigner at Avaaz.org – darling global activism organisation of The Guardian. Turns out she also really loves the EU, and doesn’t think people should be happy when the democratic process doesn’t go their way.

Why did she think it was ok to break lockdown? Because she ‘considers [her household and his] to be one’. She’s in an open marriage, don’t you know – how woke. That an anti-Brexit campaigner would be so totally ok with one rule for me, another for thee style hypocrisy should be unsurprising though – after all the EU is all about mandating targets for what people should and shouldn’t do because of arbitrary characteristics such as their gender, and, as I wrote about way back in 2013 using state control of the media to push people towards intersectional ideologies via a super nanny state that knows what is best for ordinary people better than they do.

An off the record source has commented to myself that Neil Ferguson has a reputation in his field for being overly cautious – how convenient for him that he did not feel the need to apply that caution to his own actions at the same time as destroying the lives, mental health, education, support networks and buisenesses of so many British people. If there were ever an example of the Champagne socialist elites treating the British public with utter contempt, this is surely it. They’ve been reminding us that austerity kills since 2008 – none of that seems to be a factor now.

Will Professor Ferguson retain his positon at Imperial College London? And will Ms Staats keep her job as a leftie activist despite putting the NHS in such terrible danger by venturing out of lockdown for some nooky? Of course they will – these condescending holier-than-thou elites always look after their own. They certainly won’t have to pick up the bill for the £200bn government debt we’re forecast to rack up this year.

In his statement Professor Ferguson said ‘I accept I made an error of judgement and took the wrong course of action…The government guidance is unequivocal, and is there to protect all of us.’

Oh we need protecting all right. From people like Neil Ferguson.


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