Opinion: Theresa May’s political obiturary

This is how it had to end. Theresa May’s political career is over. I can say with absolute certainty, with not even an ounce of doubt that the country, the party and the membership are overwhelmed with joy. May’s betrayal, deceit and treachery is finally over. After years of fighting against her on just about everything, I as a millennial Thatcherite Tory Party member can once again look towards Brexit and my party with new hope. We can close this disgusting chapter in our nation’s history whereby the largest, most powerful mandate our parliament has ever received from the electorate was being rejected and overturned by our very own Prime Minister. It’s high time that her political obituary was written. 

I have spoken before about losing faith in May in the latter part of 2017; just over a year into her time in No.10 – as soon as she signed up to the Irish Backstop. However, although her handling of Brexit is what caused her demise, the truth is her entire political stance should be examined and exposed for it’s truly anti-Conservative nature. She is anything but a Tory. Perhaps a Wet like no other we have seen. 

Let’s look back at the very beginning. She didn’t win a Tory leadership contest, but was gifted victory. Gove backstabbed Boris and Leadsom made foolish remarks which all lead to Brexiteers dropping out of the contest. Liam Fox couldn’t draw any support from Leavers who all supported the other three. May was the only one left standing and thus by default was handed the keys to No.10. I remember looking at the smiling faces of the Tory MPs stood behind her as she gave her victory speech, and thought to myself what on earth are they so giddy about? What about May have they seen that would make them think she has all the makings of a trustworthy and competent leader? 

Her time as Home Secretary was nothing to write home about. We could not control immigration coming from the EU but we could decide who came in from outside it. Yet the number of people coming to the country from the latter was higher. We now know that many more national insurance numbers were given out than the influx numbers suggested. It became apparent that around 300,000 people were coming into the country every year. As is so regularly stated, that’s a city larger than the size of Newcastle. It seems like the Wet in Chief David Cameron was only too happy to have someone like Theresa May in control of immigration, because there was no way we would ever reach that “tens of thousands” mark he so often stated. As soon as she was put into Cabinet in 2010 and made Home Secretary and Minister for Women and Equality, her hallmark of jittery, anxious and lackluster public speaking skills became evident. 

In my view, when you’re in the battleground of ideas the true person in you comes to the surface or rather, should. During Prime Minister’s Questions, no matter how far Jeremy Corbyn stretched the goal posts, Theresa May neither had the will or the skill to strike the back of the net. I would watch the Chamber and feel like a 100 meter sprinter ready to react to the starting shot but would forever be disappointingly left waiting. Talk about an abject lack of charisma, any notion of passion in her voice, any attempt at all at a witty riposte to the opposition leader’s challenges; nothing. She would come out with cringeworthy rehearsed mediocre lines which had no sting in the tail but plenty of One-Nation social justice hogwash. Much as I despise Cameron, he did roll with the punches, threw some back and occasionally made some humorous remarks such as referring to the odious Emily Thornberry as ‘Lady Nugee’. Although I’m a bit perplexed as to why no one has yet addressed her as Hyacinth Bucket, someone whose appearance and arrogant detesting of working class people she accurately resembles. 

Okay, so not everyone has the charm of beautifully articulated public speaking. Even so, some fire, some passion, some genuine roaring belief in anything would make up for that deficit of character. Alas these three years have been a sad clean sheet as May hasn’t once spoken about something she believes in that would convince anyone of her argument or authenticity. In fact, it’s one of her hallmarks that has lead her to be known as the ‘Maybot’. To add to this soppy sorry mess, she often scrunches her face and frowns as she talks. When pushed on hard questions it’s clear to see that this is muscle memory. She’s just this tense, uncomfortable and out of her depth naturally. 

Labour was so weak in the polls in early to mid 2017, Theresa May called a snap General Election in a bid to get her Brexit agenda through the House of Commons without the endless attempts by the opposition to thwart and disrupt proceedings. David Davis who was the Secretary of Exiting the EU at the time, really pushed her to do it. However, it would end in tears as we know. Liberal Democrat Nick Timothy was hired to write Theresa May’s manifesto. As you would expect from a Lib-Dem, it was wishy-washy fluff and nothing much to get excited about. The killing blow was May’s increase in costs of social care for the elderly. Tories around the country were left scratching their heads as to why at this moment she would give Labour an easy soft spot to target by charging the old and frail more for their care? We lost our majority in the Commons and had to form a confidence and supply relationship with the DUP to remain in Government. A disaster that I personally watched unfold. I couldn’t believe that our Party Leader and Prime Minister had pretty much just about lost to an anti-British terrorist-supporting Marxist at a time when we could have been so strong. 

Immediately when the dust settled, the 1922 Committee should have deposed her and put in a Brexiteer or just about anyone else. She was a complete disaster, in every stretch of the imagination. Since May did not agree to having a televised debate against Corbyn, the contenders took televised questions from an audience. It showed her to be a buffoon and even more grey than John Major as she gave below-average nondescript uninspiring answers. One would think that someone who wants to be the most powerful person in the land, would fight back tooth and nail when pushed into a corner. Not this leopard-spots-heels-wearing robot. After the election, she went to meet Tory MPs and speak with the ‘men in grey suits’. But what did the 1922 Committee do? They fell for her fake tears and sob story about how long she had been in the Party. Even the leader of the ERG Jacob Rees-Mogg spared her when he should have understood the fury of the backbenchers, activists, membership and Tory-voting electorate and asked her to kindly resign. 

So we were stuck with her. After she gave a guarantee to Tory MPs in the meeting, she would not be staying on until 2022 and would make way for a new leader who would take on Corbyn in the next General Election. She didn’t give a date or a series of circumstances that would trigger her departure. Just another example of how many times she got away with unprecedented vagueness, deceit and lies without being properly checked by Tory MPs. This lack of backbone from the Parliamentary Party was as comically consistent as May’s incompetence. 

The DUP were straight talking right off the bat. They plainly stated they would only remain in the confidence and supply relationship if Northern Ireland would leave the EU with the rest of the UK. This is obviously because the Backstop is really an ultimatum which legally demands either the UK leaves without Northern Ireland and has a new border erected down the Irish Sea, or doesn’t leave at all. They were absolutely right to be fearful because this is what Theresa May had agreed to. This would mean that if Theresa May’s deal was passed in the House of Commons, we would be saying goodbye to our kith and kin and have our precious Union torn apart. 

Theresa May carried on as her usual self, learning absolutely nothing from the recent disaster. The main reason why Labour did so well despite Corbyn being publicly disliked, was because in their manifesto they too offered a ‘Hard Brexit’. As plain as day, the Labour manifesto said we would leave the Customs Union and the Single Market. Therefore they won back many ex-Labour voters who had switched their vote to UKIP. The majority of the votes went to the two main Parties because they both guaranteed that we would be out of the EU lock stock and barrel. 

Unfortunately our Prime Minister had other plans. She continued to usurp her own Cabinet. She put a fanatical europhile in charge of the negotiations. In the negotiations with Michel Barnier from then on, Civil Servant Olly Robbins spoke for the Prime Minister, not David Davis. Davis had by then formed the CETA+++ White Paper. It would deliver all the demands of the result of the referendum. However we all soon realised that Davis was not just being ignored, he was being outright thwarted by the office of the Prime Minister. At the now infamous Chequers meeting, ministerial cars were left waiting outside for anyone who was not going to go along with Theresa May’s plans. Another example of Theresa May being ruthless and thuggish behind closed doors. She used her inner circle of Robbins, Barwell, Smith, Hammond, Lidington, Gauke, Perry and a number of civil servants to intimidate the last few remaining Brexiteers left in Cabinet. 

Davis knew that her deal would be a betrayal of our democracy and so had to resign a few days after the meeting, along with Boris who was the Foreign Secretary. Any other time and Prime Minister, the two top Cabinet beasts leaving your side would mean you’re days are numbered. But Theresa May behaved just like she had up until this point and many more times thereafter, in that she couldn’t have cared less. She replaced these now hollow meaningless positions in Cabinet and carried on as she pleased. It was clear that she didn’t govern from Cabinet, she was ignoring Secretaries of State and ministers, instead running the country via her own inner circle of carefully selected saboteurs. 

Dominic Raab another Brexiteer took over from Davis and entered the DExEU offices. You have to give it to her, she knew the game she was playing. She handed Leavers in the Party a consilitary prize by always giving the jobs that should have been for leaving the EU, to Brexiteers. They didn’t have any power over the matter and their direction of travel in the negotiations would always been usurped and dashed behind their backs. In yet another infamous example, Raab had gotten the other side to budge a little, by getting the negotiators from Brussels to agree on a review mechanism when the Backstop came into effect. This essentially would mean some kind of neutral arbitration body would have to be set up to possibly regulate the Backstop. However, when Theresa May heard word of this she sent David Lidington to speak with Michel Barnier and suddenly the day after he rejected the proposal. 

We didn’t want the Backstop, we didn’t want to negotiate what arm or leg the EU would get from us in return for our freedom. We didn’t want to cut our nation into pieces, we didn’t want to give a single inch of our land to the EU in exchange for our birthright of self-government. We wanted the Backstop rid of. Alas, Theresa May pushed on and just like his predecessor Dominic Raab eventually realised he was being thwarted by the Prime Minister and resigned. An unheard lackey in the form of Steven Barcley took over and nothing stood in her way anymore. 

The leaving date of March 29th was getting closer and closer, it looked like we were going to be betrayed without so much as a defiant stiff left jab to May’s premiership. Tory members and activists began snapping their membership cards and writing to their MP and local associations, exclaiming they would no longer be campaigning on behalf of the party. This message trickled in and struck home with some Tory MPs. As a last ditch attempt, members of the ERG finally began giving their letters of no confidence in to the useless Graham Brady. The 1922 Committee under his leadership had reduced the once powerful ‘grey men’ into nothing more than reluctant ‘yes men’. Eventually the 48 letters required to trigger the contest, was breached. Jacob Rees-Mogg and Steve Baker lead the charge with rising stars like Mark Francois, Andrea Jenkyns and Andrew Bridgen. 

It was to fall flat, as over half of the Tory Party MPs gave their support to Theresa May. The ERG spoke for the membership and Tory voters, but the vice grip that the Wets had over the Parliamentary Party and the Cabinet was power enough to ignore them. It seemed to young Conservatives such as myself, that our Party was dead. It wasn’t just a shell of its former self, it was a vegetable on life support that was waiting for the plug to be pulled. The morale of the members was at an all time low. I have never in my life, seen so much disdain and hatred for the leadership by the grassroots movement. No matter what happens now I thought, at least we tried to get her out. As long as there was hope, we were going to keep swinging for the hills. 

Tory members began to absorb the reality for what it was. We were now politically homeless. Brexit is the defining moment of our party and our nation since World War 2, yet here we are bringing shame to the nation and to the names of Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher. 

We continued to write to our MPs, telling them to vote this deal down when it did eventually reach the Commons. That day came in January of this year. In a gut-wrenching absolute betrayal of the British people, May consulted with Angela Merkel before even telling her Cabinet what the final form of her deal was. For the first and only time in our nation’s long history, a British Prime Minister had asked the approval of a foreign power, regarding a deal that would set out our sovereignty and freedom as an independent country. Theresa May asked Germany whether or not her deal was satisfying before asking her own Cabinet and British electorate. I cannot describe to you the level of fury I felt in my blood and bones when this was revealed. No nation, should ever have any say whatsoever in our future and freedom to live our own way of life. 

She brought her putrid deal to Parliament after kissing the feet of her overlords. To my sheer delight it was annihilated. The votes in favour were 202 and the votes against a staggering 432. It wasn’t just any ordinary marginal defeat, it was to be the worst defeat of any government in the political history of our civilisation. It had dawned on MPs, that Theresa May’s assurances, coupled with letters of more assurances from Juncker and Tusk that the Backstop would be ‘fairly implemented’ did not make a difference. Mark Francois now famously called the deal a “surrender document”. There was still some steely resolve left in various members of the Parliamentary Party. Like I had been shouting to the rooftops all this time, if the Tory Party delivers a Clean Brexit we will sweep Corbyn’s Labour away in the next General Election. After feeling the anger of the Party Members and seeing the Conservatives drop in the polls behind Labour to an almost double digit gap, the Thatcherite wing of the party stepped up and saved us from oblivion. 

Known as the ‘Spartans of the ERG’, a team of MPs lead by Steve Baker and Jacob Rees-Mogg  had their ear to the ground regarding what the mood of the party membership was and the country at large. Theresa May would bring in her unchanged deal for a second time, and this time it was voted down by a majority of 149 MPs. At a time when one would heed the call of consecutive defeat, May actually showed her true Remainer Extremist character. Instead, she flew off to her masters in Brussels where she met with Juncker and Tusk. Two weeks leading up to the third vote, she was smitten with the EU Commission. She was chummy with Macron and Merkel, all the while pressuring the backbench ERG members by using her attack dogs in her inner circle. 

On March 25th, I personally took a train ride to Leicester where I met fellow Brexiteers from the MarchToLeave campaign. I took with me my British flag and flagpole, and I held it high and proud as we marched all day long through the towns and countryside up to Manton. It was hot and it was tiring but it lead me to believe that the country’s resolve had not diminished even in the slightest. As we walked through the narrow country roads, we were constantly given cheers of support and drivers honked their horns while pumping their fists and giving us the thumbs up. Then came the final marching day and vote on March 29th. As the crowd of marchers got closer to Parliament, I looked on my phone to see the third vote on the deal had again, proven to be a stonewall failure and shot down. I turned to the crowd and shouted out the result, we all cheered in utter euphoric delight. We the people of Great Britain had not lost our nerve, and neither had a select few of MPs. 

Just when you thought Theresa May could not sink any lower, she crawled to the depths of desperation and utter lack of shame. She went into talks with Jeremy Corbyn. This was the final straw for thousands upon thousands of Tory Party Members. Unlike ever before, they ripped up their membership cards, cancelled their memberships and actively began to campaign against their own party. At this moment, the Brexit Party lead by Nigel Farage was born. And my word, what timing it was. As I stared at my own Tory membership card wondering if I had gone mad to stay loyal to my party, I witnessed a rapid movement unlike I have ever seen. The Brexit Party began to hold rallies all across the nation, and every single one of the venues were packed to the rafters. Nigel Farage and Richard Tice joined together and in just a couple of weeks it suddenly looked much more than just a fringe movement. Current Tory voters had shifted and began to support the Brexit Party in their droves.

Meanwhile, May had lost all support from the Tory Parliamentary Party, except for her close inner circle of anti-democrats. The talks with Corbyn would one day ‘make progress’ and the next they would falter again. At this time, the Tories dropped almost below double digits in the polls. We had taken a nosedive and suddenly, we were polling below Labour, Lib-Dems and the Brexit Party. The mood in the membership was absolutely dire and numbed. We simply could not believe what was happening to our party. The grassroots had effectively abandoned campaigning and we were showing open vitriol for our beyond disgraceful leader. 

Two tests of our standing in the country were coming up. The local and European Elections. A couple of weeks out before the local elections, we knew what the result would be but not in what capacity. I predicted we would easily lose over 1,000 hard-working Tory councillors, but it turned out to be even worse. The end result was a loss of 1,330 Conservative Councillors all across the country. Theresa May, showed absolutely no care at all by simply carrying on. It was like watching a possessed zombie. 

The cost of the extension to a later date of leaving in May was reported to be £10-14 billion or so. The European Elections were to be held at the end of that month. We went through it even when May said herself it would not be in the nation’s best interest to have them. Yet, her circle gave the call to MEP candidates to ready up and their campaign teams to get going. Now at a further cost of our dignity as an island civilisation, we were made to partake in elections beholden to a place we all believed we would have left by now. Inevitably, my party became the biggest loser of this putrid mess. The Tory Party lost 15 seats, leaving just 4. The majority of Tory electorate gave their vote to the Brexit Party, which won a monumental 29 seats out of thin air. It was and is now currently, the biggest party in the European Parliament. One can only admire the devastating effectiveness of Nigel Farage’s campaign. He snapped up the Tory and Labour leave vote just like he did in the 2014 European Elections. 

The writing was on the wall, and this time it could not be ignored. Senior members of the 1922 Committee and the ERG asked Theresa May to resign. Now there were no two ways about it. Everyone in the Parliamentary Party and the Membership knew, either we change leadership or we die as a party. Without any exaggeration, it was literally at this point. We deliver Brexit with a new leader, or we vanish from the face of the earth as a party. 

How had she gotten thus far? How, HOW had she been allowed to come this far!? Her contempt for Brexit is clear as day. But what about her domestic agenda? It too was a pustulating vomit-inducing anti-Tory rank pile of garbage. She will be known as the Prime Minister who fed ex-soldiers who served their nation in the most difficult of circumstances in Northern Ireland  fighting the IRA, to the courts. She not only abandoned them, but served them up on a silver platter. At a time when we had just been through multiple terrorist atrocities, why May continued to cut police and armed forces is anyone’s guess. The police became more infatuated with social media posts that were ‘wrong think’, than actually protecting the public from a swave of knife crime murders, mass gang raping of mainly white British girls by Pakistani grooming gangs and acid attacks. She ceased stop and order so order could cease in our streets. Knife crime on our streets skyrocketed and still persists.

She agreed to be tethered to the EU Army, which brings a painful shame to our incredible armed forces. Our bravest and boldest would then be taking orders from some EU appointed European General or Commander. Our forces are the strongest and most historically decorated in Europe, so why May would sign them up and hand them over to the EU again, is enraging as it is baffling. In something out of the Left’s own playbook, she also allowed women to be frontline troops and also join the Special Forces. She coupled this feminist farcical parade by then ceasing the British Army’s motto of ‘Be The Best’. She had no viable or interesting plans at all to build more homes, nothing inspiring about property rights in the modern era. She allowed feminist groups and movements more power in Government than actually looking at the disparities between men and women equally. She tried desperately to take away power from local Tory associations by not allowing them to vet and choose their own candidates. This was without a doubt, an attempt to try and stop True Blue Tories from filling the Parliamentary ranks. She turned a blind eye to the farce that George Osborne left us with. HS2 continues to rise in costs and in the numbers of people who loathe the project. We continued to be taxed out of our eyeballs, and yet the corporate environment was not made any more attractive. She heeled at the EU’s command to lower carbon emissions at an absurdly rapid rate by 2020. She made no real effort to increase British trade around the world after Brexit.

Without a single gram of doubt, she will go down in history as the worst Prime Minister this great nation has ever had. She is the epitome of the Blairite One-Nation Conservative Wets. Pathetic in every single way imaginable. The nation at large will never forgive her for what damage she has rort to our precious isles in her short disgusting premiership. Her betrayal to our nation brands her with a title that cannot be erased. 

So here lies Theresa May, the traitor that tried to surrender her nation to foreign rulers.


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