Opinion: Why Activate should become the leading Tory youth movement

After the rise of Momentum and the fall of Conservative Future young Tories are in desperate need of a new youth movement to win over centre-right Millennials. Youth politics is currently in the stranglehold of the postmodernist-left who dominate Britain’s universities and other academic institutions. If the conservative party wants to survive in the future, there needs to be a counter movement to win back young people from the grips of the postmodernists. I personally believe a movement already exists which can attract young people back to centre-right politics. Activate.

Now, I’m not going to lie Activate did get off to a very shaky start to say the least, despite this I do believe Activate have great potential. They have a verified Twitter account, over 12k followers and are well established among young conservatives. The foundations are certainly there for Activate to be a big youth movement in politics. Although, there are some things I believe Activate needs to improve on if they are going to become a real conservative force in this country.

The first thing I would do is have a streamlined Twitter meaning Activate’s Twitter account should not engage in pointless debates with left-wing trolls. Although, while keeping the official account professional Activate members should engage with people on Twitter using their personal accounts. If Activate were to become too detached from its base, it would risk becoming isolated resulting in the death of its base. To put simply it is a fine balance between being engaged with their audience without looking like a troll account.

The second thing Activate should do is not to toe the party line, I believe Activate should have an indirect loose relationship with the conservative party. If Activate were to have a direct relationship with the conservative party, it would just look like an organisation that simply mimics and echoes conservative party policy. This would be a huge turn off as there would be no point to the organisation, Activate should be an organisation where young Tories can disagree with conservative party policy as well as being free to express their own ideas.

The third thing Activate should do is set up an online blog allowing young Tories to express their ideas on the economy, crime, foreign policy and climate change. This would be fantastic in attracting young Tories as they would feel like they have a voice in politics again. I believe it is absolutely imperative that we can share ideas and thoughts on a public platform. If we cannot share ideas, how on Earth are we supposed to evolve as a party? I believe setting up an online blog on their website would be a great way of doing that. It would be a great way of attracting new members to the party if people feel they can share their points of view.

To conclude, I accept Activate did get off to a bad start, but I also believe the foundations are there for Activate to be a great conservative counter-movement in the UK, challenging the hard-left. Many students who are not left-wing feel lost on campus and many young people who do not go to university feel like they don’t have a voice. I think we have a great opportunity to give those young people a voice. The hard-left has one weakness, because of their intolerance of other points of view they have isolated themselves on campus. The hard-left don’t appeal beyond their base and we have a great chance to exploit that. The UK is in desperate need of a conservative youth movement because if we do not offer an alternative soon, there is a serious risk we may lose an entire generation to the left.


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