Oxford NUS Referendum Result Challenged on Suspected Foul Play


As we reported last week, Oxford students voted to leave the NUS by a narrow margin of 1780 votes to 1652 on a 15% turnout. But it appears that due to suspected foul play at the ballot box, the vote to leave the NUS has been called into question.

Jack Matthews, the head of the No campaign, released a statement explaining his decision to challenge the result of the referendum on alleged foul play.

It became clear that there were serious irregularities in the votes cast, specifically that large clusters of ‘NO’ votes appeared to have been cast at the same time, and from the same location. At this point it was clear to me that the result needed to be voided, using the formal structures of OUSU’s governance. I therefore wrote a letter of complaint to the Returning Officer, suggesting that the referendum process had been tampered with, and that the matter should be immediately referred to the Junior Tribunal. This process is now underway, and I await the decision of the Junior Tribunal.

Matthew’s statement reveals his suspicions were first aroused at the count when he realised that far more voter codes had been issued than were required, with the large turnout also evoking suspicion.

Milton wonders if the students at Oxford had been getting voting lessons from Tower Hamlets…



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