Oxford Students Head to Polling Booths to Vote on NUS Membership

Voting opens today at the University of Oxford to decide whether the university’s Student’s Union should remain affiliated with the National Union of Students. The result is to be announced on the 2nd of June.

Oxford voted on NUS membership in 2014, seeing a tight result of 1780 students vote to disaffiliate from NUS against 1652 for remain.

However the 2014 vote was also shadowed in allegations of vote rigging and foul play, leading to a non-result. Batches of votes were recorded as being sent from individual IP addresses and that initially raised the Union’s alarm bells.

It is though that there is a healthy appetite from Oxford students to quit the NUS. The campaign to leave, No Thanks NUS, has a broad platform of support including both Labour and Conservative activists.

Recently, the University of Cambridge held and vote on NUS membership and elected to remain. However, the universities of Lincoln, Newcastle and Hull voted to leave.

It’s not a surprise to see either, in recent days NUS Black Student’s Conference 2016 voted to abolish prisons.

It’s another case of NUS representatives trying to play party politics and forgetting that their only focus should be to improve the student experience.

Go on Oxford, vote to leave.



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