Oxford Votes to Remain in NUS Amongst Referendum Controversies

In the latest of the recent referenda on disaffiliation from the National Union of Students, Oxford University have voted to remain in the NUS. With 57.1% voters at the University coming down in favour of affiliation it will be a blow to many campaigners who have fought valiantly for disaffiliation.

It has been a referendum campaign marred with controversies, including allegations against NUS Vice President Richard Brooks. The NUS Vice President has been accused of violating referendum regulations by using a banned mailing list to promote the Yes to NUS campaign, who have emerged victorious. The Yes to NUS campaign were accused of breaking rules on a separate occasion earlier in the week by campaigning on another set of banned mailing lists, with campaign leader Becky Howe calling it an ‘innocent mistake’.

Campaigners on both sides at Christ Church College broke regulations, with a No Thanks NUS campaigner campaigning in a JCR Facebook group and the Yes to NUS campaign accused of ripping up opposition posters.

Of course this is not the first time an NUS referendum at Oxford has been controversial, with the University’s 2014 referendum experiencing similar accusations.


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