Parliament to debate Cannabis Legalisation Petition

Marijuana Supporters March In Hemp Parade

The petition to legalise “the distribution and sale of Cannabis” will be debated by parliament after it gathered the required 100,000 signatures to be presented in front of the House.

The debate is schedule for the 12th of October, but cannabis fans should not expect an earthbaking moment, as the government has already voiced its strong conservative principles against a change in drugs policy.

The UK is swimming against the tide of liberal drug laws, as the government first pointed out its desire to blanket ban all legal highs at the earliest moment by declaring its opposition in the first Queen’s speech of this term.

Nevertheless, reformists can find solace in the changing environment of support for modernisation, but they should not expect any drastic changes in this debate as it will be opposed by the majority of Conservative and Labour politicians.

Expect to see Liberal Democrat MPs and the one Green MP stand up for reform, with a possible inclusion of some Liberal Conservative members, but it won’t be enough to see a change in the law.

Cannabis has been touted as the secret formula for radically improving the UK’s finances. In Colorado, a state with just 5 million people living in it, taxation of cannabis has produced a whopping $70 million for the treasury.

The benefits of the reduced policing cost, which is considered a low or zero priority issues in some constabularies, would also reduce the pressure and costs associated with the drug.


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