Peterson V Newman: I am now a Jordanista

Jordan Peterson’s conduct throughout the Cathy Newman affair has made him something of an absolute legend.

Last week, Newman’s car crash interview with the Canadian psychologist went viral. This prompted a barrage of trolling aimed at the Channel 4 presenter from a small section of Peterson’s following.

Peterson, a self-styled classical liberal, swiftly condemned the vile abuse. He went on to offer words of praise and sympathy to Newman, before suggesting a further, more in-depth conversation between the two.

The original exchange is, safe to say, a certain something to behold. During the half-hour debate, Peterson comes under intense goading from Newman. Undeterred, he keeps enough composure to discredit the gender pay gap, postmodernism, and campus censorship. Towards the end, a rudimentary argument for freedom of speech leaves Newman genuinely stumped, revealing the ignorance and despotism that defines the cultural Left.

Indeed, this was the polite massacre of Generation Snowflake. And better yet, over three million YouTubers have now bore witness. Jordan Peterson – a previous unknown on these shores – is an overnight sensation. Even the Guardian newspaper offered tempered praise.

Peterson’s unique appeal can be explained by his individual traits. Firstly, he is a non-leftist academic – the rarest of beings. Secondly – unlike the ubiquitous ‘alt-lite’- he is both courteous towards adversaries, and immune to left-wing hectoring. And thirdly, whilst many of his peers are cowed by political correctness, JP speaks his mind. In short, he is a distinguished, charming, fearless cultural commentator – and an inspiration to us all. The dawn of the Jordanistas is upon us.


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