Poker Chips – The Ultimate Casino Tool


    Casinos around the world have made poker chips their currency instead of cash. You cannot go into a casino and use coins or paper money, instead you must go to the cashier and exchange your cash for chips in order to take part in the games. The reasoning behind this is that poker chips eliminate several issues that arise when using cash. What poker chips accomplish is they create a uniform and ideal trade for games like poker, roulette, and others.

    Poker chips come in many different colors, which each casino assigns to different chip values. Up until the 1930s, people were betting with nuggets, coins, and other items of value. That’s when casinos started to require that all games be played with poker chips instead. These chips compose of metal, acrylic, plastic, and clay. The chips you will find in most casinos these days are made of clay.

    Most casinos monogram their chips with the casino logo, and while they are precious inside the casino, they hold no worth outside. Before leaving the casino, players will cash in their chips for cash.

    Poker Chips -Values

    As I mentioned earlier, different monetary values correspond to different poker chip values. There is no global standard for chip colors and values, but within the same countries, there is usually a connection.

    For example here is what a typical valuation may look like:

    White = $.50 to $1 but sometimes it may be grey, blue or red chips with value

    Pink = $2 – $2.50

    Red = $5 in most casinos and cardrooms

    Blue = $10

    Yellow = $20

    Green = $25

    Black = $100

    Purple = is almost always $500

    Orange = $1,000

    Grey = $5,000

    The Most Worthwhile Home Gaming Investment

    Using chips adds value to the process by eliminating the need for cash. It makes it easier for the dealer and other players to estimate your bets quickly and makes the game go quicker and smoother. It also helps with issues that plagued casinos in the past, like counterfeiting and theft.

    Even people who play poker at home with friends will buy poker chips and also invest in a poker table for the casino experience. Imagine inviting friends over for a poker night and having the full set up for a competitive and exciting game. It’s certainly a worthwhile investment.

    Today you don’t need to be an established casino to have your own personalized set of poker chips. Anyone can purchase professional quality chips for entertaining. You can even get them personalized to reflect your style and personality.

    In Summary

    Online gaming might be taking the world by storm, further eliminating the need for chips or any casino equipment altogether. However, the poker chip will forever symbolize casino entertainment and be the means of player, whether virtual or made of clay that you can feel in your hands. If you want to try online casino games to see how it differs from the real thing, sites like Best Pokies offer instant access to all of the best platforms!



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