Pressure builds on Karl McCartney as Tory students flee Lincoln

News out of the University of Lincoln as it has cancelled its proposed debate with all of Lincoln’s Parliamentary candidates.

The University decided not to go ahead with the debates after sitting Conservative MP Karl McCartney decided that he would not take part. The University had planned to go ahead with the debate even though the UKIP PPC had withdrawn a week before.

Sources on the ground tell me that Conservative supporting students have expressed their displeasure with McCartney for missing this hustings – and for being a poor MP – and intend to vote in their home constituencies rather than Lincoln.

McCartney is no stranger to criticism for absurd reasons, as an MP he is neither popular in his constituency or in Parliament. One source tells me that he once emailed Hansard and all MPs in the Commons to make sure that they spelled his name right. Possibly not the best use of his time.

McCartney has also courted controversy for writing abusive emails to the expenses watchdog. Not a good idea to bite the hand that feeds.

Lincoln is the oldest continuous constituency in the UK and is seen as one of the most marginal seats. It is often stated that whoever wins Lincoln, wins the General Election.


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