Protesters storm Rees-Mogg talk – an eyewitness account

Yesterday evening a group of hard-left activists invaded a talk by Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg at the University of University of the West of England, Bristol. We’ve spoken to William Bates, vice-president of the UWE Conservative Society, about what took place. Last night William posted the following video, which includes him getting assaulted, on Twitter.

This is a summary of his account, which includes William getting hit and having his phone screen smashed:

“The protesters broke into our event while Jacob was speaking through the back doors, which were unfortunately unsecured.

They proceeded to chant that he was a Nazi and had no right to speak, and then he came up to them to try and debate any policy disagreements they may have with him, at which point they became violent and proceeded to shout at our members demanding to fight with them outside.

I was then hit on my arm and had my phone screen smashed for filming a particularly aggressive protester, at which point I went outside and phoned the police. I understand that the protesters hit a number of people in the audience, and refused to leave despite multiple requests.

Security eventually managed to get the violent protesters out of the room and the event continued, and I had many comments from members of the Labour and Lib Dem societies at UWE, who said that they strongly disagreed with Jacob Rees-Mogg, but also enjoyed hearing him speak, and felt that the violence from those protesting undermined what they say as legitimate policy disagreements and debates with Jacob”. 

Disgusting behaviour but, alas, is anyone really surprised?


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