PS4 Passes 1 Million Sales in 24 Hours, Becomes Sony’s Fastest Ever Selling Console

The PS4 is finally here and at least in terms of initial sales can be declared an outstanding success. Sony has reported sales of 1m units in the first 24 hours, in its North American debut. This makes it Sony’s fastest selling console yet, with the sales of the PS4 outpacing even the PS2 launch in Japan of 980,000 units.


President and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Andrew House commented on the figure: “Sales remain very strong in North America”, later adding “we expect continued enthusiasm as we launch the PlayStation 4 in Europe and Latin America on November 29.”

For the console industry these figures must come as something of a relief. With the rise of mobile gaming on phones and tablets, and the floundering of Nintendo’s Wii U, there were many predicting the beginning of the end of the console era as casual gamers move away to more convenient methods of gaming. A view these sales would disagree with.

The launch has however not gone perfectly. The ‘Blue Light of Death’ (in reference to the ‘Red Ring of Death’ which plagued Xbox 360 owners) has begun to afflict an increasingly troubled proportion of users.

At first it was assumed this Blue light of Death problem was associated with the HDMI output. Sony’s help forums however have stated that the issue could essentially be a problem with just about anything:

This blinking light issue could indicate any number of causes including but not limited to:

1. TV compatibility

2. Issues with PS4 power supply

3. Issues with PS4 hard drive

4. Issues with other PS4 hardware

In response to this issue Sony have released a statement, essentially reassuring consumers that with an estimated figure of only 0.04%, the problem is a minor one. Referring to the issue only as a collection of “isolated incidents”.

Overall, despite the setbacks of malfunction and the uncertainly surrounding the future of the Wii U, it has still been a hugely impressive start to Sony’s new console generation. Moreover this backs up an earlier speech from Mr. House at the Tokyo Game Show who revealed an internal sales target of 5m PS4 units sold by the end of the fiscal year (March 31st 2014).

Hopefully this beginning is revealing a much more positive outlook for the future of consoles than has been seen for some time. Provided the Xbox One can keep up when it launches next week. No pressure Microsoft.


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